Trading company results using options strategies – Abid, Founder & CEO, Sensibull

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Abhishek Gupta says:

Hindi me भी zerodha को vedio upload करना चाहिए..

Puspraj panchal says:

Hindi me bol liya Karo

chandresh lalu says:

आप भारत में बीजनेस चलाते हो। तो कमसे कम राष्ट्रीय भाषा का प्रयोग करे ताकी सब अच्छी तरह से समज पाये।

Pravesh Sharma says:

sir tcs results are today evening but if you see all analysts none of them saying to sell put for tcs all of them buying calls indeed they not hedging feels strange and you right .

Pravesh Sharma says:

great sir seems like a very close friend is having a talk on options so nice and simple ,great way to know is great webinar

Dev Anand says:

Poor presentation. Be serious

HniTip - The Honest Company says:

Nice research, good view. keep doing good work. Thank you.

Harry says:

Brilliant Abid, This is good . Really enjoying learning

Rahul Gupta says:

Mobile version of sensibull

Suresh Kumar says:

sir ur good name sir

Kishor Patel says:

yes you are audible

Anthony Immanuvel says:

Will this be available, later, after live is over?

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