Trading Crude Oil Futures More Efficiently with Futures, not ETFs

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Close – Too many traders flock to the convenience of commodity ETFs such as USO, WEAT, UNG, etc. without realizing the glaring inefficiencies of doing so. Commodity futures offer traders a liquid arena for efficient and pure price speculation without administrative costs, rebalancing expenses, and other inefficiencies found in commodity ETFs. In this video we talk about how traders can reduce futures market leverage and volatility via account funding, and offer tips and tricks to commodity market speculation, choosing a commodity trading strategy, and trade rules to live (or die) by.


David Moadel says:

Thank you for the excellent presentation Ms. Garner

Chuck Clymer says:

Just out of curiosity, am I wasting my time by only opening an account with $3500.00? After listening to your presentation, it's coming off as I would be doomed unless I have a larger account. Am I wrong in assuming this?

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