Trading E mini Futures – $1750 in Profit (Lessons on how to avoid mistakes)

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Trading E mini Futures – $1750 in Profit (Lessons on how to avoid mistakes)

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pieter jansen van rensburg says:

Great stuff!

amesa02 says:

One thing I haven’t seen traders do is analyze the charts before placing entries. I have seen a whole lot of analysis of chats that already are past. This is easy to do afterward but what about before without knowing what’s coming.

J Fo says:

where the hell are the BroBro's

Janka Janukas says:

can you tell me please where can I find that kind line dot price indicators on NT8?

jordan heywood says:

Hi Marcello, great video! I've been learning a lot by reviewing your intro to day-trading series. I'm curious as to why you were entering the market at a peak in the trend, then exiting at a low. Isn't the premise to buy low sell-high, as you did mention it was a bull market

Reed Lambier says:

So you really recommend E-Mini Futures as the best market for beginner traders to start out in? I watched your video on markets for beginners but I was wondering if you were willing to speak more on it.

Thanks for all your awesome work!
-An Aspiring Trader

Rvoel777 says:

What you mean when you say indicators don't work to predict and price is what works?

Mogyorosi Mark says:

Im glad you started making this videos again! Keep it up Marcello!

Danny P says:

Stupidly just left the EU. This video upload will be the highlight of my day .Great video again 🙂

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