Trading Emini SP Futures At Night Or Should I Trade SGX Nikkei Or Dax Order Flow Trading And Analysi

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If you have a full time day job and can’t trade during the US trading day, there are other markets to trade that follow order flow quite nicely.


Follow Orderflows:

You can trade SGX Nikkei or Eurex FESX (Eurostoxx) as well as Dax and Bunds. There are really many products to choose from that are very liquid and have good movements.

Don’t think you have to stick to only trading the emini sp all night long, sometimes the ES just doesn’t move very much and your trading will be like watching paint dry on the wall as the market will range trade often times until the European session begins.


dsc1970 says:

Great video! As a full-time employee who works a rotating shift and is getting back into trading the ES, I was looking for options outside of US trading hours for the weeks I'm on the dayshift in the ol' J.O.B. I had read about the Euro Stoxx futures, but hadn't considered the Nikkei. I've got your Order Flows website bookmarked for when I'm a little further down the road..

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