Trading Forex Markets explained – What is forex? – Day Trading – Options – Forex for beginners

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Forex explained for all you beginners and new traders. If you have been looking to start trading Forex or even binary options. I strongly encourage you watch this video. A lot of people think I just call Forex a scam and give it a broad blanket, but I don’t necessarily feel that way as I explain here. Forex can be profitable and work for people, but those people are big corporations and governments. If you are falling for that forex lifestyle crap, you are getting hustled. To be a Forex trader on the secondary markets is a pipe dream. Yes it is a MARKET and money can be made in MARKETS, but please obtain the education and put the odds in your favor. Don’t get hustled by basic technical analysis or forex signals that don’t even scratch the surface on how deep/complex the forex markets are.

If you are a forex trader, instead of talking crap in the comment section, how bout you come to me for help and I will even help you try to trade Forex, just understand the angle I am coming from. Why do you think I put these videos out? What can I possibly gain whether you trade Forex or not? Think about it. Please. I am here to help, and I use forex to profit in the stock market by using the information currency provides to set up options trading plays, that is part of my options trading strategy. I define my risk, I don’t use technicals, only fundamental analysis and some momentum and boom. Crazy to think the forex markets can tell you about the stock market.

Oh also thought this was a good time to post this video considering Reza Mohktarian AKA OceannSky AKA Mentortips just got charged with felony fraud. Thank you to all those who talked bad about me and made fake websites about me defending him, thank you, but I forgive you!

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Ernest Rillman says:

Forex retail market might be smaller than my penis idk tho :(

imsm85 says:

I get your point, but there are Retail Forex Traders who are millionaires….
Just Saying………

Dmitriy May says:

I absolutely agree with you Josh. One of my relatives used to be a fund manager back in the 90s, got to talk to him about Forex and commodities. He trades his own money through several corporations on the inter bank market. He puts on a major trade on every 3-4 months.Overall, he tries to not trade the Forex market at all unless there is some major geopolitical event etc..Stuff he told me about the real Forex market (not retail) blew my mind. He told me to stick to real estate and stocks and to try to start my own company and not trade Forex unless you have a high net worth and are able to get to and trade on the inter bank level. Guys don't fall for all this MLM Forex Oceanspray, IML BS… use that money to buy some books on politics, geopolitics, banking and finance, investing books like Intelligent Investor, Richest Man in Babylon etc.. some of the best books I have read and educate yourselves. Thanks for the vid Josh! Will you do a video on Ecommerce soon? Thanks

Seeker says:

Ive been trading forex full time now for 8 years. Many people do it. The fuck are you talking about kid…..

Anthony Baltodano says:

Nothing related to the vid but just started Intelligent Investor and thank God investopedia exists:)

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