Trading GAPS In The Markets | Stock Market Technical Analysis

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Gaps act as a regular, valid move. You can imagen bars in that gap. Traders don’t generaly like seeing empty space on the chart and gaps will generaly get filled during the day.

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The best way to became consistantly profitable is to learn to read the chart in its purest form. There is no holy grail or set of indicators that can make you rich without work. Learning to understand how prices move and why they move is a learnable skill that anyone can achieve.


Priceaction is universal and technical analysis patterns repeat over and over again on consistent basis.

In this video you will get a grasp of:
How to draw trendlines
Technical analysis of sp500
What are second entries
How to trade trading ranges
How to use moving average

Trading with a fear is the most common fear most trade have. It is crippling and can get your mind frozen. The key to consistancy is to be emotionless and fear nothing in trading.

Key rules of our strategy:
1) Second entried in the direction of a trend
2) Trendlines
3) Failed breakouts
4) Failed second entry counter trend
5) Support and resistance

Target Profit – 10 Ticks
Stop Loss – below signal bar (around 10 ticks)

Overall market context is more important than individual patterns.
Technial analysis works and it repeats over and over.

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18.34 pm it was a F2EL, short. And a 2ES videotime 13.19 min. The bar was quite bullish- i wouldnt take it as 2ES, but for failed 2EL its okay. I like how you explain everything. 🤗

D Taunk says:

Sensei I have sent you an email, please look into it, where to improve. No hurry , when ever you get time.thankyou

Lucas Farbe says:

Thank you for the video

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