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Trading Ghana’s Water for Gold is a documentary that exposes the scary realities of alluvial gold mining in Ghana. It uncovers how the river bodies are destroyed using the machine locally known as “totototo”…..on the rivers


Alfred Acheampong says:

What holds for the future of Ghana. This menace calls for a holistic approach to tackle the problem. Let say NO to pollution…

Impressions of Earth says:

The gold mining topic in ghana seems quite scatty!
Chiniese workers, comming to ghana and working illegal with rather big equipment.
Ghanaians conveying gold in the river bodys, which produces a huge water contamination.
Harmful chemicals could make people ill who are in contact with them. And Mercury for example is transported over the air into the ocean, it accumulates in the fish and it goes back to the human beings. Espacially the probability of aborts riches!
The necessarity to earn money to surive, goldminers like fishers or farmers.
Clean water is needed for the people in the region.
And a unknown componente of moneytransfer because of corruption.

I solution is needed because it hurts the people like the nature and nobody is happy!

I still have some questions:
Does the small scale miners know about the Boraxmethod (see link below) to extract the Gold? Because it is much more eco- and humanfriendly.
How does the polluted water effects the agriculture on the rivers, is the water still useable to plant?

Besides it´s a good made documentury, thanks for your work and thanks to upload it on youtube!

best wishes from germany

noobbsaiboot says:

wow….sad world

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