Trading Gold Long – Step by Step Prediction

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Following the previous video on Gold which was extremely popular, I decided to share this opportunity which is another prediction.

There are so many videos on hindsight when it comes to trading and you see too much criticism from these hindsight traders which doesn’t help anyone.
So I thought i would share this with you guys so you can follow along (just like the last one) and if it plays out, we can see if we were right or wrong!


We do this every day int he live room as well as trade live so if you are interested in seeing what REL trading is like, I’ll see you in there!

See you next time.

Jason G


René Hegewald says:

Amazing how price action tried to enter your identified kill zone around noon on 25th August. Both thumbs up.

Simon William Orme says:

Hi Jason,

When you mention equal measured move – is that tool in trading view? if so what is it called?

joerahman1 says:

Love the analysis jase 👍😊

Solomon Spydro says:

Quality analysis

Dennis H says:

I've recently completed the UTT course and when you said in the video "I know this all looks confusing..". I thought to myself… "No it doesn't", then I suddenly realized how far I've come in truly understanding what I've been taught. I really was able to follow and understand all of it. (And that was a fast, action packed video!!).. Thanks so much to you, Akil, Charles, and Jason S.!!!

LifeCycleUA says:

Thank you! Very interesting way to look at markets.

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