Trading GOLD on eToro

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There are quite a few ways to get exposure to Gold on eToro…

Firstly though, I go over my experience with how not to trade it. In 2016, when I joined eToro, I knew nothing whatsoever about trading, yet for some reason decided to try my hand at Gold trading. I’d also discovered this strange facility known as ‘leverage’ and proceeded to lose around 38% of my money in my second month of trading!

It’s quite a situation, and one I hope everyone else can avoid… I go over how my fear and greed seemed to get the better of me, as they do with so many new traders and investors apparently. Anyhow, I stopped that, but it took a while.

So, trading Gold on eToro can be done through the CFD of Gold itself (which incurs overnight and weekend fees), or by a Gold ETF (which I currently own) or by investing in individual companies which mine Gold, or are in some other way linked to it as an industry.

I go over one of my recent trade ideas (really not a pro though, so don’t just copy me!) and also talk about where I buy Gold off eToro. That’s also very interesting to me.


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David Egan says:

Great analysis, very helpful, thank you

rosie bomb says:

i love the energy… good luck on trades…

Khadeeja Atteya says:

Grear tip. Thx a lot for the video. Can you please make more about silver and platinum?

The Silver Rayne says:

Hi Tom! I appreciate all the contents of your videos. Im a newbie trader on etoro and i would like to ask what's your opinion about copy portfolios?

Will Boa says:

Hi Tom – have you heard of Lena Birse aka OneGirl … apparently shes done 47% last year and 52% ( there was an article piece on Daily Telegraph 2nd August – you could poss read it online the Telegraph – not sure that Malta gets Telegraph newspapers) … like your vids .. and will need to view more of your videos .. where abouts in Malta – beautiful country .. its where Gladiator was filmed …apparently ..

Michael John Faulkner says:

I think buying gold is about how brave/risky/ you are during downward trends. If you were thinking 40 dollars down no problem! 120 dollars down no problem! 300 dollars down no problem! , then a rapid rise and all the debt is wiped out and it’s 50 dollars gain, now 100 dollars gain! It’s very easy to say less easy to do. Suppose there’s a day when gold is heading mostly downwards, wipeout. You could do X2 leverage but you have to open $1000 trade.

Mitch Waring says:

Just joined Etoro about a month ago and currently batteling with the USD and AUD fluctuation. Love your videos tho!

Riaan Nel says:

Well done Thomas! Great video. Love your new editing techniques. I would pay as little money for as much gold now. Don't waste money with the little coins. But then also, gold & silver is very expensive now. Overbought. I would hold off buying for a while. Wait for the pullback. Have a good weekend

Kyle Bolton says:

Great video Tom! Hope you keeping well

Khyrinheart says:

Is this Investment Advice? ;p

JEROME says:

Does he have an Instagram

Paul Morran says:

So true about leverage and fomo – this should be an official public education video.

The Blyatman says:

I never sell when it's going down. You will eventually earn your money back. I haven't lost a single dollar in the long run

Daniel Polo says:

You are funny 😂😂😂😂

M H says:

I might have missed that specific point, but why doesn't eToro allows you to buy actual Gold asset instead it only allows to buy CFD (whether leverage 1 or 100)

Adam Joseph Padua says:

I would love it if you can make a review for Popular investor Thanks mate!

Charlie Palmer says:

My favourite video so far of yours! I absolutely loved your reenactments 😀 brought me back to how I felt as a new trader. Your videos CONTINUE to get even better!

cutzit de lemn says:

Hi tom, nice video like always , i am colecting silver and gold coins but i pay a little more for them then actually is worth the metal but that is because are colectible but if i was to buy the metal i would take the 1800 euro coin and that just to save some money.

jm2020 says:

Good job getting into gold and silver

Yan Lake says:

Smaller than 1oz the premium isn't worth, if you need a smaller value that's when silvers practicality comes into play (historically used more than gold as money, i suspect due to gresham's law) 🙂

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