Trading Gold Stock Promotions Can Be Extraordinarily Profitable says Rick Rule

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In this interview Rick Rule, president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, shares investing insights learned over his four decades of success in the natural resource sector. He begins by explaining the significance of Sprott Inc.’s recent NYSE listing and answers whether Sprott Lending will be as profitable in this bull market as it was in the bear market. Rick discusses the discount rate and gold price Sprott uses internally when evaluating development projects. Rick points out that cynical, lone wolf traders can make extraordinary profits in this bull market just by trading gold stock promotions. He also provides an educational commentary on Vizsla Resources Corp.’s recent impressive drill results and whether it was wise for the company to agree to its recent C$25M bought deal. And Rick offers educational commentary on the wisdom of Alio and Argonaut’s merger and whether the recent C$110M bought deal offering is the right decision.

0:00 Introduction
1:02 Significance of Sprott Inc.’s recent NYSE listing?
3:01 Will Sprott Lending be as profitable in a bull market as it was in the bear market?
5:16 Discount rate used when analyzing development projects?
7:51 When should a junior gold miner list on one of the large NY exchanges?
12:31 Discussing quality management teams
14:58 Trading Gold Stock Promotions Can Be Extraordinarily Profitable
19:26 Discussing Vizsla Resources Corp. and its recent C$25M bought deal
23:11 Discussing Argonaut Gold Inc. and its recent C$110M bought deal
27:12 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium goes virtual in 2020

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Vanessa says:

I listen to anything Rick Rule has to say and feel so fortunate for the opportunity.

Greg Shafransky says:

Great Stuff the metals are on fire today ! the next Voisey Bay

melody lastly says:

What is your opinion on northern dynasty this week is going to release if they get approved for a big milestone?

michael dillard says:

How hardly shall a rich person enter into heaven.

Rory True says:

Can anyone tell me what is going on with JOSE.TO? It's a lundin spin off. Gold goes up it goes down.

Cosmo Ray says:

My Minera Alamos is on track….they just came out with a mid year update and it looks good.

Marz Man says:

Great interview and comments from Rick Rule about the value of US dual listings to tap the much larger American capital markets. I also felt the way he handled the capital raise at Vizsla and Argonaut were fair and a valuable perspective. The Argonaut Gold capital raise for $110 Million was absolutely worth the candle, as they clearly laid out that this was for bringing their Magino development project forward towards production as their fourth mine, and that project has 6 million ounces of gold and radically improves their production profile and future revenues. That point should have been made more clear by Bill, and Rick pointed out if the delusion is worth the future earning per share it is still a shareholder win, and this clearly was for Argonaut shareholders.

Greg Mccoy says:

About half of Strikepoint Golds assets are in its silver mine. Was wondering if putting silver in the name would help the stock.

Matt John says:

You are knocking it put of the park with guests!!! Thanks a lot!!!

silverbull AG47 says:

Cheers Bill,always good to pick Ricks Brain👍

Greg Mccoy says:

Yeah, he rated pretty harsh. He did like Commander Resources tho, saying it was cheap

Steve Gaspar says:

Always learn something from Rick! Thanks for sharing!

socalsilver says:

Where can one find info on “forward strip” price? Never heard this terminology before. Always learning…

thomas jackson says:

Eric Sprott, Frank Giustra and Robert Friedland at Gold X (SSPXF) is one of the best narratives you could possibly ask for. They don't even need to find gold for this stock to go way up.

Susan Selton says:

Rick is brutally honest, and imminently knowledgeable.

Dylan M. says:

Great interview Bill. Rick is such a wise sage. I appreciate your discussions about Argonaut Gold, and I've been buying since $1.50 CND and have been wondering about the price action of late.

T L says:

What are ppl's thoughts on golden Goliath and Portofino? Both in Red Lake region with land right next to GoldCorp, Great Bear and PureGold Mining. Relatively cheap valuations.

benguin7 says:

Great show. Anyone know the ticker for the Sprott NYSE listing?

Yt Yt says:

I’ve listened to so many Rick Rule interviews on YouTube. Although the interviews are usually similar, I always seem to pick up a new insight every time. This interview was no exception. I had no idea that Canadian mining executives of companies listed only in Canada are less constrained than those listed in the US (due to Sarbanes-Oxley). Really explains why Canadian-centric companies are so horribly managed.

Desmond Cahill says:

thanks for getting a conversation on initial private placement and warrants and shareowner ship of the initial group in the project…and its probability to dilute the position in the future to the detriment of small investors….

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