Trading In Rome With Tim Grittani

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It’s the weekend and guess what? I’m still working!

I’m here with Tim Grittani. We’re both studying because that’s what it takes to get here.

This is my life and what I do. The grind never stops.

What you choose to do in your free time can help determine where you’re headed. If you’re turning on Netflix or playing Fortnite, you’re not taking the right steps toward becoming a successful trader.

Open your laptop or unlock your smartphone and take advantage of all the information, videos and knowledge sitting directly at your fingertips.

I have a ton of video lessons and DVDs. But you don’t have to just study my content. Tim Grittani has dozens of webinars and a great DVD too!

This is what you should do if your goal is financial freedom. Study, work hard, and fully dedicate yourself if you’re serious about it.

Remember, most traders lose because they aren’t willing to do what it takes. If you want to be a successful trader, you need to fully commit.*

How dedicated are you? Do you have what it takes? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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Travon Woodmore says:

Happy birthday momma

Bảo Duy Nguyễn says:

Happy birthday to your Mom boss!

sailor d-life says:

happy bday mom you always give mom appreication

stockstalker jc says:

Thanks Tim wish I would have found u sooner than I did been studying your video lesson & all of your YouTube content & now the light bulb is going off & now its finally start to click after taking losses
thanks your Awsome dude its a marathon & not a sprint folks learning takes time so does progress!

Deanna Dendy says:

Happy birthday to your mom! Was a challenge student awhile back. Blew up my account but I’m back to paper trading to work out the kinks.

Lewis Ford says:

Happy Birthday to your mom. I will be a dedicated student

AGonzo2424 says:

I work on the railroad with erratic hours and no life whatsoever. I spend more time with coworkers on the rails than I do with my family or friends. I’m signing up next week dedicating myself to try to be the best trader that I can be so I can in the future also have financial freedom. I’m glad to have found someone who appears to be the most trustworthy teacher and someone that cares and appreciates his students. Mark my words, I will be successful. Thanks Tim for the opportunity.

Richard Watt says:

Happy birthday tims mom

Kevin Rogers says:

Happy birthday Mom! ?

Nick says:

"uhh state farm "" lmaoo

Barbara Phillips says:

Happy Birthday to Your Mom !!!

Mandy Zepeda says:

Happy birthday and many more Mrs. Sykes! Tim, I love the holy guacamole shirt 🙂 I would love to see Rome. There is so much history there to learn from and be inspired by. You don't need to prove your authenticity to anyone. In reality haters are just jealous people at the end of the day! Your profit from where you started and where you are now is the proof. Don't let haters change your mindset. Your mindset got you into that 10% where the other 90% want to be!

riccardo rumore says:

My wonderfull city

Vincenzo Migliaccio says:

Happy birthday Tim's Mum.

Shiffi Don says:

Happy Birthday to Tim's Mom. Stay Blessed.

Calvin Jones says:

Happy birthday

Leinani says:

Happy bday to your Mom, your parents did a great job raising you???? I'm a dedicated #Pennystockingsilver member

G A says:

Welcome to the team show! happy birthday to your mom

Omar Elias says:

Happy Birthday mom!

marcus l says:

Are you for real?

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