Trading in the Tim Sykes Challenge Month 18 Week 3

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Trade Para Todos says:

Ur speech is fcking good mate. Make some motivacional for us traders !

Aaron Gallardo says:

Good karma sending your way!

Master Mind says:

Hey stephen think what your doing is really inspiring. im northern student working on becoming a trader currently papertrading but posting everything and seriously working at it follow my trades on profitly Alfastudent currently trying to stick to breakouts but keep burning my hand on the stove. thanks for your channel

Skatter says:

Trade the crypto currency.

Skatter says:

this is sick. well done

Steven Leworthy says:

Got to say having started watching you channel 2 weeks ago and having binged the whole thing (Netflix who) it has been a great journey and to end up week by week on this particular video was fantastic. You are a gun Stephen. So glad to see you are nearly back to overall profitability. I hope this week treats you good too and I look forward to the ride.

P.S probably dealt to you in the crown poker room back then hopefully didn't deal you too many bad beats 😋

Robbie Curry says:

I’m a sophomore in high school, 16 and I got a job at a pizza shop to get money to start trading with, used all my paychecks and started my account at $700 fucked up every trade so far down to $500. It sucks but you give me inspiration to keep going. I’ll make it I swear.

Dixie Bullington says:

yay! You go! awesome $1k day!

Ryan McG says:

Great stuff man! Keep up the hard work bro!

B L says:

And with that, I just understood a whole lot more of the up 15% parameter in the scans…. great work man

Aamir Basir says:

Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾🎈 I haven’t traded since last week since loosing $400 on a $1800 account 😔this motivated me to hop back in trading

Frank Danna says:

#LiveTheDream. Thanks brother, you know I enjoy! Also, I started data tracking per your guidance about two months ago. It has been a truly eye opening experience, completely changing how I trade and my trade psychology. …..and I am getting better at trading. Thank You.

Bob Riddell says:

i know you say dont short gradual uptrends but i can show you 10 examples this year alone where shorting was a great idea on first red day.. $I was a loss for me too but 1 loss out of last 10 similar type setups is good odds in my book especially when you risk so little for so much downside

Bartosz Walczykowski says:

How much was it to become a challenge student?

Cicero Araujo says:

We started together and we are getting there

TBF ‘S says:

Nice Job Bro! Keep Killin it!

jay hawkins says:

The dancing monkey will not fail!

Peter Plaatsman says:

keep on going, thnx so far for all the videos!!!

Kris K. says:

Congrats on your first 1000$ trade, thousandaire!! 😃

David Martin says:

Groovy Baby! I like the line how haters need to reassure their loser lives. So true. $1000 plus WIN! Now we're talkin!

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