Trading in the Timothy Sykes Challenge Month 10 Week 1

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adam conrad says:

You should get a better camera!

Lyricsamillion says:

When triple tops with past history of spiking breakout they can be really dangerous short. Gotta cut losses when they break.

Teacher Richard says:

Your enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious. Keep believing and doing!

RICH 852 says:

Jonk,!!! Another AWESOME video brother!!! ????????????????????????? LOVE YOUR VIDEOS..!!!!! "NEVER,EVER STOP BRO"!!!! You're on you way….. ?

Mickey Gezaw says:

Men i like your energy and beliefs keep on keeping on bro! You gotta fake it untill you make it;)

mertone77 says:

I still believe brother! You've got this!! B-)

As always; thanks for sharing! 🙂

Insurance Casino says:

DCTH does have the back to back moves on the hourly. looks ok .03 to .05 moves. Wow might be bottoming. Will keep on radar for tomo. could be a 5 to 1 R/R.

scottystrading says:

Believe ?

Eddie Herrera says:

hey Stephen I had a question,
I'm new to trading I'm just curious how to start of. which program should I buy or how to to start of working? I would highly appreciate it! thanks

Abdi Abdulsamed says:

self sufficiency leads to self -confidence and self confidence leads to fuckin profits

Glen Pereira says:

Hey Stephen, glad to meet u in Barasti the other day.. ?

Johnny Suomu says:

"Diluted to fuck" ????

Jeff Maletz says:

WE BELIEVE!!! Great Words in Your Jog Sir!!! Keep doing what you do!!!!

Max Legrice says:

dude shave man, shave. Please man

Internet Expl says:

always short drys and ull make more in a week than the market will make in a year

C T says:

How about not playing $DRYS or any shippers as they're crap and manipulated. Suggestion : look at more expensive stocks like $WTW and $GPRO , $WIFI which reacted well after earnings

Abraham T says:

Dude thanks for sharing. I like your videos they're funny pls keep them coming. sorry, u lost DRYS It's so funny how the stock moves. I gain twice DRYS Friday. first bought 1.23 & sold it 1.37 bought again 1.36 and sold it 1.48 made some good money. I also bout some share before market close and I am hoping will go up. My advice is don't buy it when it's high because the odds the market gains that much in one day is very low so your profit margin is low

Laurents Martens says:

at this pase you will be either broke or a milionaire in 20 years ?. prolly the first one of you keep renewing your challenge crap on tim sykes.

Jesus Izaguirre says:

I still believe!!!!!

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