Trading in the Timothy Sykes Challenge Month 10 Week 4

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gavin76604 says:

well mate fair play on your recent success and your future success was hoping you would be able to help us out with this question. thanks
Q: Because of my job i can only get to the market at around 12pm, 12:30pm EST, was just wondering what strategists u would recommend on focusing on to capitalize between 12:30 and market close.

skatingjoe87 says:

Dude that ending had me laughing my ass off! Live the dream man and see you in the market tomorrow

Erin Dollar says:

I swore you are tough to trade 5% of your account or something around there…. You should have made a lot more xD

Timmy G says:

Hey Steven. Keep up the good work mate. I want to make this comment just because it's something that I have noticed which is probably something all traders experience when starting out. I have noticed that a lot of the time your losers are a lot bigger than you winners, do you find yourself bailing out of winning trades early? Not letting them run because of fear the market will turn around? i have been watching all you weekly videos since day one, and I know this type of psychological behaviour is something that everyone goes through, myself included when I started. One of the worse things I found in trading is watching a trade that has not quite reached your target turn around and go back and stop you out. However I found that bailing out a trade early through fear of it turning around but then watching it hit targets is far more painful emotionally.

Róbert Nagy says:

oh tényleg ? az eladott részvények elég jók, nem igazán érdekel a megjátszott. szarságaid. egyszerű a történet fizetsz amennyit mondtam 4000 milliárdot. én jól érzem magam, túl élelk beneteket. ez biztos…

Sun S says:

@stephen johnson
You are at the very least now formulating proper trade ideas and planning behind them. That's a huge step up from 6 months ago and it does make a big difference to your accuracy. Having been there and come out the other end myself now trading for a living for a fair while now I can tell you you are in the right direction. Keep at it. Keep you position sizes small until you pull a few green months in a row then maybe increase your size. Just like you, before i was profitable I was trading with 50 shares on a $2 stock. It's the best thing i could have done. Most traders fail because they exhaust their capital by trading size long before they are even able to turn a small profit on a monthly basis.
Just remember, 1 setup that you can master is enough for you to be profitable. It might take some time to make decent money, but you will be green trader. Then look to expand, but biggest bets should always be on your best setups!

Brandon Barbera says:

Wait your 22 years of age?

Tartempion Hector says:

Eat again & again.. Traderchecklist (dvd) dude ! We will not fail!

Karl Kenny says:

6 years is a long long wait…stephen if you went full time trading NOW could you make it??

NeverFail Gaming says:

Crazy mofo ?.

NeverFail Gaming says:

Its ok to have a somewhat speculative position but a gamble is not ok, Don't let it happen again. You can do it live the dream, no days off

Spetsialist says:

Hi, Stephen, been watching your videos almost half year by now and I must say you have gotten so much better. Keep up that good work and eventually, you can achieve your dream! Don't pay attention to negative comments, they just want to drag you down but you have to stay positive, that's the key!

Murry Peterson says:

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Mohammad Bilal says:

My entry on $RTNB Agust 25th was $3.56 and got out at $3.67sh , i used hot keys and still using it for morning spikes and qick breakout which dows work, so work on hot keys because you did great so far on ur entry and could have sold at $3.60sh or $3.70sh and 8.80sh.

Jay Smith says:

Wow, reading the other comments and see that you have a lot of hates and people with a lot of negative
Stuff to say. I would like to see there verified trades but then again most of them are probably not even traders or they trade with paper money. Keep doing what your doing because you are making progress. And for the ones that say you need to buckle down and not live your life probably have never been apart of this challenge and don't understand the commitment it takes. Tim even teaches us to have a balanced life or this will drive you crazy. Keep doing what your doing. I support you, this channel, and all my challenge brothers and sisters. CHALLENGE OR NUTHIN. WE ARE THE BEST!!

Jay Smith says:

Looks like your recognizing patterns a lot easier. I got screwed by rtnb also.

Cesar Morales says:

When you look back on your past trades, what strategy seems to be working the best for you? I have you have higher success % with shorting or going long? Shorting first red day, morning spikes or dip buying, what is working? I'm still very new, had my first green week this week. (2 months in) I'm using a very tiny account, 100 or so dollars in Robinhood as i study and learn this stuff.

Daniel Leon says:

Doesn't matter what route you take as long as you arrive to your destination.. keep pushing and be your fucken self..

UtikaCollar says:

Sorry man, but seriously, if you're really set on making real money off of this you need to study more. I've been subscribed to you for awhile now, but i'm tempted to unsubscribe. There doesn't seem to be any real improvement. You just seem to be copying other people's strategy without really understanding the underlying factors behind them. What happened to watching all of Tim's videos? Weren't you at around 20% last time? Did that idea just go away? Bro, if you want to sustain your viewership and want people to continue watching, you need to skip the poker nights and drinking and seriously buckle down. The people you want to keep watching are serious about this shit. If you're not showing the same level of commitment then acting loud, silly, entertaining isn't gonna work for the long run.

The Newtrader says:

It seems that your share size is extremely low which is making you stay in losing trades too long and getting out of winning trades too soon.

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