Trading in the Timothy Sykes Challenge Month 2 Week 4

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Levi' Life says:

To be straightforward man I'm on the exact same Journey I want to become a penny stock Trader and trading and long stalks but you got to start somewhere and I don't have hardly any Capital to start but I'm saving money to start and I've been following him for about almost a year now I've watched countless and countless hours of YouTube videos guarantee you I'm going to become a couple thousand dollars within a couple months I mean we all got to start somewhere and I'm just starting 7 to 4 p.m. grind with my job and playing partial amounts of my paycheck into a savings account that gains interest and I'm telling you once I start I'm Not Looking Back I plan to open up a stock account what about $1,500 and I was wondering what would be the best software or some of the good stocks are broker accounts to actually use and you are one of the students wanted to go on that Journey as well I matter of fact I'm going to be in person I want to go and show up on TV and actually be one of the next millionaire to me in their students I'm so serious I'm going to go all out and I've got your support you can also find me at Levi Harrell at Facebook we can talk back and forth I'm in Owensboro Kentucky that's where I live at I live right here in the United States homes I would actually like to keep in contact with you dude because I can really use your support

Nisarg Soni says:

Hey Stephen, i need your help… will you?

atlasdaddy says:

" There is no spoon. " – Neo

Pang Houa Yang-Yip says:

Neo! Love the video lesson

Renzo Leturia says:

Stephen, great testimony!

Erik Trethewey says:

I didn't know you could use Harry Potter and The Matrix in conjunction with each other. But you made it seem effortless. By the way I will become Neo. Lol

Reaz says:

Hi, I have recently started learning with Tim and I am looking for a reliable broker who offers wide range of US penny stocks and who accept applications from UK residents with no minimum deposit requirements. I saw in the comments that you use First Trade. Can I ask how your experience has been in terms of the range of stocks available, quality of execution, customer service and hidden fees and charges?

Technycal Kaos says:

that ending was EPIC!!!😎

graano09 says:

Neo, good luck mate. I've been with Tim for about 3 months now, and started researching and watching video before that. Like you had a rough start but hanging in there and building that knowledge account. feel like things are starting to click so keep up the good work man!! 🙂

Josh says:

Which broker do you use?

Albertthegreat2010 says:

I can see you in that new car now bro. Keep it up! 🙂

Brandon says:

are you from the north east of england by any chance because i am too 🙂

Eric Hughes says:

bought BCEI on thursday or friday at 1.04 after the huge tank from the news sold it today at 1.5 😀

Tibor Csuprik says:

NEO! Happy New Year bro! I got a question for you: how do you get your trades executed? I'm just using paper trade on tos but I have no Idea how I'll be getting my trades executed when I start the real trades. Are you using StocksToTrade now for executions also? It's a bit confusing to me… Please explain. thanks!

kane says:

Neo. Ignore the trolls man 🙂 good luck in the markets today!

Toxik Prophet says:

Proud mane! Cannot wait to get into market myslef aswell) watching tims vids everyday and If i get overinformated I do music or go out to get some puff in hah. I always try to watch the videos with as much energy as i can, and thats not that hard when youre watching people making/ loosing money 😀 money will never be not enough motivating

Catherine Velazquez says:

How much money you gotta start off with?

Teddy S says:


Eric Hughes says:

you sound way more experienced now way more seasoned. great work just keep grinding maybe downsize so your losses are a little smaller instead of replenishing your account but thats your call might change your trading style. cheers

Miles Harding says:

I'll CYA L8R!

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