Trading in the Timothy Sykes Challenge Month 3 Week 1

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micky bang-bang says:

gordy in the boardroom

John Trujillo says:

Which broker are you using ?

Abhishaik Kumar says:

which broker do you use?

Jakub Doležal says:

WE WILL NOT FAIL ! sorry Ive though that the slide was something not important

Jakub Doležal says:

Love these vids! I love when theres too many vids from you and Tim to watch.. Energy well spend

Kris Ghosh says:

etrm dont you wish you just bought as many as you could have at that price now…

Hgjfbz F nombre says:

Great video!!!! With how much did you start and how much do you have now

david finato says:

Mate, just come across your tube yesterday. Brilliant! Yes keep up your insanity of good work. WE WILL NOT F$$KING FAIL! Love it.

super brutus says:


Randy Gonzalez says:


thegamingtrader says:

Yea man if that shit doesn't break out, the plan doesn't work, dump it. Nail and Bail!

cannon061892 says:

We will not fail!!!! You are right timing is everything!!!

David J Martin says:

We Will Not Fucking Fail !!! Love the vids man. Thanks for sharing. This year will be epic.

Jordan Scuffle says:

Hey man, You have one hell of a positive attitude. Check out AMD stock if you want to go long. It may or may not be for you. On the short side, I've been winning big with these guys. But i would look at their news lately and see why Im bringing this up. Just keep an Eye on them is all I'm saying. I can't promise anything. Keep at it.

iJasonR says:

The ETRM trade you spoke about, I saw the same thing and didn't buy it at close. I ended up buying at pre market @ 5.28 and selling @ 6.80. Sometimes if your plan works out you can buy it in pre market! keep at it bro. We're not gonna fail ;)

Evan281995 says:

we will not fail!!

Miles Harding says:

You Da Man JONK

Ken Lauren says:

I've watched all your vids since you joined the challenge.. Keep up the stdying and hard work buddy. It really helps to see another guy grinding and going through the process of being profitable/consistent. Looking forward to more of your vids and seeing green numbers on your profitly chart..

Cody Tolman says:

We will not fail, you're inspiring. Glad "it's starting to click".

mertone77 says:

I'm getting tired of repeating myself, but you're really on the right track! AWESOME! About what you spoke about in the end, about not failing got me remembering a vlog from some bmx guy here on youtube Austin Augie and he wrote down "i will win" several times on several small pieces of paper… and guess what… He won! So, NEVER give in or give up! We'll get there! Keep the videos coming brother! Meanwhile i'll be here on the sidelines studying (i'll jump in "the pool" soon) and cheering on :-)

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