Trading in the Timothy Sykes Challenge Month 3 Week 4

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Gooch says:

Shirt is so wrinkly ?

Laura Avila says:

I've been following your journey video by video for about 6 months and yes I witnessed history. Good job man your living proof this is possible! Really inspirational.

Aapo Roinevirta says:

How many hours per day do you work on your stock game ? Im working two jobs but my intrest for pennystocking is growing and im thinking about joining the Challenge.

Johny Hustle says:

First I would like to say keep up what your doing, I wish you luck. I will be starting soon, thanx for putting up these videos

David J Martin says:

Fucking History Bro! Looking forward to the new stuff. Stay strong and keep killin it!

david finato says:

EPIC! Looking forward to your new PennyStock show!

kane says:

History! pumped for new series 🙂


I started following Tim and found you through him. You're an ANIMAL, Sir. I enjoy your channel. You motivate me. Keep studying and you will make it. Tim is the Man!

Majid Qureshi says:

I will be frank. I hated your videos in the start. Thought you were just another wannabe time pass. But man your commitment and dedication is commendable. Loss after loss you stuck around and now you are in green. Congrats man!
This is what it takes.. staying in the kitchen when the coal is burning at 450 C . So happy and glad for you. Keep improving. Keep smiling. Keep dancing. Keep Trading. Happy trading!

hongdae2 says:

something to consider…. taking a look at your profit/loss at 6:20, if you did the opposite of what you have been learning, you would of had 8 out of 9 months in the green instead of red. no hating, just an observation.

VaultClips says:

Told you ! Goodjob bro! – Matt Wild

Nathan Armstrong says:

Thanks for being transparent, and open about P & L. Not a lot of people have the guts to lay their results on the line like that. All hype aside – even guys I know who have been doing this for many years still hit rough patches. A seasoned trader I know who has been trading for something like 15 years recently told me he took a series of massive losses due to undisciplined trading. So its not an easy battle, and most people drop out. Many of the best brightest frequently fail in this business. I would recommend studying the trifecta for short term trading – 1)learn to read what the level 2/tape is telling you(takes lots of screen time) 2)grow in your technical analysis charting skills 3)analyse the fundamentals of a stock and what sentiments may be motivating trades in the stock. Of course thats in addition to your psychological game – strict stops, taking reasonable losses, and learning to add more size to winning positions. I myself have been at this for close to 4 years and have had a mixture of profitable months and down months.

Cicero Araujo says:

thanks for answering me back so fast. I would like to know how can I short otc stocks?

Tom Kobelev says:

History! Great Stuff man, the new show looks awesome!

azamat bagatov says:

ALAS MY BROTHER, YOU HAVE ENTERED PROFITABLE TERRITORY! I knew this was coming, the past 3 weeks were some of the biggest points of where you were just about to pass that threshold and now it has been done. You have your exit's set up properly, and your entry's aswell. Just master the emotions and within one month I know it's gonna be your best one yet! Salute. btw pls reply to my dm as I would like to speak more about pennystocking framework, seeing the improvement you've had from it makes me think I could learn something valuable from it! Bless up.

Mike Fu says:

Good stuff man!!! You're proving Sykes is the real deal! (which we already knew) haha

craracer0505 says:

History! We will not fail!

mertone77 says:

HISTORY being made! EPIC! One can really see your progress now, not only because you made profit on them, but how you comment… You know what you're doing/talking about! Keep up the good work buddy! Really looking forward to the upcoming pennystock series ???? one question though.. Is Sarah going to have a part somewhere or is she "behind the scenes" now? ?

Thomas Jay says:

lots of respect mate! the self belief is inspiring keep going!

Evan Knutson says:

Happy for you Stephen, I've followed you through-out your journey. The animation came out great, HISTORY. Keep up your profitability! Looking forward to seeing your future plans come to fruition.

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