Trading in the Timothy Sykes Challenge Month 9 Week 2

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12Tommywest says:

3.10? bad discipline. how would you describe good discipline?

Mahonri Anitema says:

Hey Stephen! I've just recently applied to Tim's Millionaire challenge and just finished studying his free guide to penny stocks and I'm currently reading his Book "An American Hedge fund"! What else can I do to increase my knowledge on reading charts and what are some other books you would recommend?

Jonas says:

you will make it . we all will be there for you my friend. best of luck /The_Swede

mertone77 says:

Man … So awesome to see this turn around! Congrats to your success! I wonder why i'm not being notified of when some of your videos drop?? Maybe youtube don't want me to watch anymore… That wont happen though ? keep up the good work my friend! ?????

Mychal-Alex Gibbs says:

Great vid. I always check your videos for a honest review of the Challenge. Love how you mentioned your trading size. I had a problem(still do) with figuring out my trading size, I started off sizing to high for my own standards and now I'm trying $300 positions and I feel a bit more comfortable at this size. Keep the vids coming. Hope you're rooting for Newcastle United!

Ryan Moore says:

Hi Stephen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, love the videos great to see everything laid out no bull. Can you point me in the right direction of the software you are using? Im signing upto Tim's Silver Plan on so can make my eyes bleed with all his lessons – going to tackle that for a month or so (in terms of viewing materials). Would you then suggest i need to pay monthly for stockstotrade and aswell? Thank you

jeanine davis says:

good for you!!!!!! slow and steady wins the race.500$ a day keeps the 9-5 away. aim small miss small. be prepared. profits over parties these little wisdom of nuggets are some of my fav sayings of tim skyes. keep going. aim for singles not home runs. I am going to e a challenge student. im saving up $. thnks for documenting your journey. 100k$ in profits are on the way.

Cesar Borrego says:

Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing this video it really breaks down the direction that one should take! Keep it up!

dln blnknshp says:

are you in STT pro too?

LNKTrading says:

hey Jonk, lookin better with the trading, congrats! But what do you think of $ENVV? Seems like a lot of potential there for the bounce play when it crashes.

crzdbiker says:

Good job!!!

Julian Sol says:

Keep at it Stepehn. Been following you since day 1.

Max Peter says:

Congrats buddy! Could you please make a video of your favourite setup and explaining it, if you have the time.


OMG! So happy for you and for me! LOVE YOUR CHALLENGE AND YOUR JOURNEY. I watch your channel for inspiration of suffering my own learning curve! Whenever I feel discouraged or frustrated, I will listen to one of your post or one of Tim's and that pulls me through! Thank you!!

issac lee says:

May I know which broker are you using?

JamesJohnAgar says:

How many shares are you buying each time roughly ??

Jack Kellogg says:

I can see the surreal feeling in you man! love watching the journey. Proud of you.

Deano Stevenson says:

2 consistent weeks , looking better ,

Matt Cerrone says:

Walk of life??

NeverFail Gaming says:

Well done Jonk looks like your hard work is really paying off. It honestly looks like you definitely have a better understanding Since ?? (Walk of life!!!)

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