Trading in the Timothy Sykes Challenge Month 9 Week 4

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Scott Stockdale says:

Hey Stephen, I've just blasted through most of your weekly videos right from the beginning and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Your documenting has been soooo inspiring and it's made me really want to begin my own trading journey. I love your honesty about how tough trading is and how difficult it's been for you at times and just the amount of effort you have to put in has been super eye opening. Really looking forward to watching more of your videos and keep going. It looks like rolling profits are just around the corner! P.s. I've been trying to figure out your accent and I'm stumped. Irish? Geordie?? Sorry for any offense! All the best, Scott

mertone77 says:

Thank you Stephen for the insights! Very useful and interesting! 👌

David Martin says:

SSS Baby! Thanks bro. I learn something from every video you post.

Pang Houa Yang-Yip says:

SSS baby! Thanks for the video lesson!

Insurance Casino says:

DRYS had four good long entries the 27th 5min chart. Vol was too low for bigger players. On the 21st DRYS had 9 good long entries with defined risk that would have worked even for bigger players Basically I am refining my stock selections by how many good trades they offer when they do run. I think it will help my probability of success. I have DRYS on a watchlist with alerts. If DRYS does run again I will trade if DRYS offers similar opportunities.

calky360 says:

Hang those ropes up next to your trading monitors 😉

RICH 852 says:


Joshua Katumba says:

I like your videos roland

Jennifer Kok says:

I m curious… How is it you are like traveling slots… W such small profit win?

scottystrading says:

SSS baby 😀

TriMase says:

you save us all so much money with your lessons… I hope you start becoming profitable, thank you!

BlazinPinoy93 says:

If your going to short I recommend only shorting when it's going towards the highest resistance level, once it hits the resistance see how it reacts, for going long focus on buying once either goes down to the lowest resistance and see how it reacts before entering, I guarantee you, you will have a lot more success that way instead of trading in the middle. Let me know if that helps

BlazinPinoy93 says:

Stephen please consider what I have to say right now. I think we can both agree that you are trading in the MIDDLE. Like $gnca. Focus on resistance levels , go back in the chart history. Enter the short when it's going up into resistance and see how it reacts to the resistance before entering. If the candle goes bearish at resistance, wait for it to retest resistance one more time and if it's bearish again enter the short at that time to fill the gap below.

Tartempion Hector says:

SSS Baby !! The scientist way of mastering an apparently unpredictable market !

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