Trading Is Math. It Is not Magic

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Trading Is Math. It Is not Magic
A lot of beginners in trading stocks think that trading is magic. They think some famous people have a magic formula or strategy that is right always and in any market. If you think the same thing apparently you will lose all your money. All big guys, mutual funds or anyone in the stock market do not use magic. So what they use? They use math to trade. Please review the video and comment. Thank you for watching.
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SoftwareSathi says:

Can you give your explanation on people claiming to predict the share price based on Fibonacci series or some other math technic? How far it is reliable to follow such math?

Dario Puaca says:

Why so many Dislikes ? If you are interested, why even see the video… Big Thanks MAN :)

Terrence Mathews says:

Thank you so much for the video, It helped me out tremedously

Agbede Ekpokimi says:

nice video, interesting stuff and funny as well

dawoodwaris says:

What about to hedge instead of stop loss eg: as you said when $10 dollar goes down to $9 it will sell automatically so you loose $1, if you hedge a certain percentage then you gain from it ini as we always put money in good companies for long term. I am not a professional but i had this doubt in my mind when you said that.

haridas potty says:

thank you sir

Angeal878 says:

thank you for the information, i learned a lot!

Sanjay Khosh says:

awesome man, trading mindsets and stuff explained in a funny way, good job

Mozy Tee says:

Hahaha! + .. thank you any way.

Excel Guru says:

Thank you so much for this video.

Ap Treds says:

great video

43520tom says:

What if my stock is going up, how do i determine when to sell? taking a calculated loss is one thing knowing when to take your profit is something else its greed thing that a lot of people cant handle,which could make you a loser every time.

43520tom says:

Thank you for the informative videos you produce.I have a question,I came across a man who gave me some advice that i would like to check with you on. He said that if you have a large sum of money to invest, such as 100,000 to several hundred thousand,what you do is invest in blue chip stocks such as con edison,verizon ect, and when it goes up 50 cents or so just sell and repeat this process.Also if it drops lets say 50 cents just wait till it flucuates back up and sell.He said certain blue chip stocks never drop big or rise in large amounts.My question is if you have a large amount to invest does this stradegy work,or is this one of those to easy and good to be true deals.

Luis Miranda says:

Thanks, but you need to improve your communication skills, otherwise you won't be able to pass your info clearly. And it will feel like a waste of time.

Fx-Lab says:

Thank you Sir
its one of best video i show

Luis Miranda says:

sorry, didn't get the calculations. Once that is maths whats the point of this video. not being a magician.

Day Chen says:

everyone has own way to make money, wish you a good luck.

mohd ebrahim says:

I learned a lot from this video … You know how to keep it simple .. God bless you

Ashok Kumar says:

good video, if it rise after $9? investor may think i would get my loss amount if I stay….do you calcilate in that way too?

Youness Saaidi says:

Thank you very much, i myself i'm a beginner what site do you advise me to trade ? porter finance ? etoro ?

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