Trading Lesson 2 – Placing Orders in NinjaTrader Using the SuperDOM

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Close tips on how to use Ninja Trader Super DOM / price ladder for placing limit orders, and stop orders. John Paul also shows how to use the ATM strategy template for scalp trading and why you should not move your orders after placing them. Also Covered is 1st come 1st serve in electronic trading as well as well as being a consistent trader. find out more by visiting to join the upcoming emini trading event and for more helpful trading secrets and to learn more about how to day trade visit


Fabiano Lomba says:

Great Video very helpful.
Thank you for your input!!!

Mercy Lazurek says:

Hi John, the stop orders that you explain is not clear to me. Can you please explain further. Thanks, Mercy

737ngxsim says:

thanks for this, not even the videos on the ninjatrader site are as detailed as yours. I just downloaded ninjatrader 8, when paper trading, I like to use nasdaq, but I do not see al the companies in there, is there a way to get them all?


thank you for your generosité thanks man for helping us

Broke Mike says:

better then NT videos! thanks

rdog1121 says:

Hey John, I LOVE your teaching methods BTW!!!!!! QUICK question…… For every contract I want to enter into the market, how much should I have deposited into my brokerage account (roughly)??? So if I want to trade 1 contract….. How much would a brokerage account expect me to deposit, and so on…. With 5 or 10 contracts??? THANX Man….. I APPRECIATE your feedback!!!!!! And expect to see me in your classes soon…..

Day Trade to Win says:

Thanks, i'll try to do more of these type of videos, newsletter coming our later today

Clint Britt says:

Good stuff John. Enjoying the series.

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