Trading Log – Here's why you MUST have it!

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Trading Log – Probably the most important tool in your trading. In this video, you will learn what a trading log is, why you need it and how it can make you more profitable in a matter of minutes!

You’ll also see a trading log template and how to use a trading log excel spreadsheet to keep a journal of all your trades.

And did you know that the IRS requires a trading log if you want to qualify for Trader Tax Status?


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Tiny Trader88 says:

I use tradervue, but I have to figure out how to upload from TEFS. Using a log helped me to know that I don't want to trade early in the week. Thursday is my best day at about 9 am Pacific time. Still a long way to go though.

maykelsGamez says:

I’ve heard stock to trades scanner is amazing what do you think

Ronda Blalark says:

Loved the video. Can you please share your awesome log?

Buddy Hamby says:

Can I get a copy of the trading log you use please.

Rebekah Nance says:

Can you make a video of the hour and half of your day as you trade ?
Wake up
Log in
Scan market
Prepare fills
And done

sonny corbi says:

Excellent!! – I would never have thought of that Markus!

Debbie Hazlett says:

Such a great idea, I made mine and added other entries, Earnings date, Dividends, Volume. Thanks Markus.

Patrick says:

Excellent information as always Markus, thank you. By the way, do you trade other futures than Oil?. I personally enjoy trading the NQ. I'm still new to Futures, but, gradually improving with practice. Plan on going "live" May 6, the CME Group is offering "Micro E-mini Futures." That way, I can "ease into" it with not a whole lot of money. :0)

SE B says:

hello thank you for this video. how can I get your trading log please?

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