Trading MArket Gaps – Eurchf 15m Sept 25 2017

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In this video, we will look at what price gaps are, when they occur and how to trade market and price gaps effectively.

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Elsy Barhaona says:

Hello Miss Raman,

Thanks for your sharing your knowledge once again.

I need to ask you, you said in the video that the direction of the trend its usually the same as the direction of the gap??

God bless you

Qaiser Rahim says:

Hi Madam Raman Gill.
Once again thanks for another example. one question i have to ask regarding if GAP appear which time frame is the best to place a position? After the GAP appear then we will draw support and resistance and follow up through the whole week, am I right?. I really appreciate your cooperation helping people for such a good explanation.

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