Trading Market Gaps EurUSD 15m Sept 25 2017

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In this video, we will look at what price gaps are, when they occur and how to trade market and price gaps effectively.

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Oswald Oogink says:

Hello – might it not be more interesting speaking about whats up instead of your thoughts about past?

Waleed Ezz says:

Thanks a lot for this video that interesting and important .
Happy trading .
Best regards

Qaiser Rahim says:

Thank you so much Madam Raman Gill for the GAP Strategy. I have two questions, if at the end of the week i.e Friday, can I use pending orders like buy stop and sell stop both in order to catch good profit? this pending order will be active if GAP strategy appear? Second question, if the GAP appear on downtrend or uptrend, can i open a sell/buy position for 30-40 pips to take profit? please share your experience. Once again bundles of thanks.

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