Trading NQ Futures: $600 in Less than 10 Minutes

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This brief video covers a micro trade I took in nq this morning for a profit of $600. I entered with two contracts risking 10 points each($400 total risk) and I was aiming for $800 return, but ended up getting $600 based on how I trailed my final contract. I also cover a larger support level that traded in nq and I mentioned this level in my trade room along with the levels I send out each morning for my members. Any questions or comments let me know!
My trade room is a two week free trial cancel anytime, so you do not pay anything until your free trial has ended. My room has educational content on all the strategies I use and how I trade the markets. We trade live twice a week and review Sunday nights. I also cover stocks in my room and talk about potential setups for swing trading and investing. Every morning I share a market analysis on how I’m viewing the market and I send out my levels for the day.
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