Trading Options: Calendar Spread (Setting Up the Calendar)

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Trading Options: Calendar Spread (Setting Up the Calendar)

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Hammad Hassan says:

Great videos Sasha. Your way of teaching is the most simplest and to the point. All the best!

waqar usman says:

nice video. sasha why not make this education  free. About indepth video's I am in the middle of building a website that will change the game.. entering criteria, adjustments to all spreads, butterflies, broken wing butterflies how to lock in profits all for free….. when to buy call or put calendar spreads, first check the value of jelly roll. just give me a month  people. you will get 1000's of dollars worth of education at a cost of ZERO. and I will double the offer with my everyday trading absolutely free of charge. why?. cause I am making tons of money actually trading, not teaching. keep up the good work sasha. cheers

Pew Pew says:

Great video, your explanations are always the best. 

Ermias Giovanni says:

Great video Sasha. You have a good, clear teaching voice too. Thanks

Sasha Evdakov (TradersFly) says:

[New Video] Setting up a Calendar Spread on Your Stock Trades

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