Trading Options for a Living – What You Should Know Before You Quit Your Job; Video 1 of 1

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Close In this video you’re going to learn if trading options for a living is a suitable career path for you and we’ll also reveal the questions you absolutely need answered if you’re going to successfully trade options for a living.


optionstradingmentor says:

I took a course and that's how I got started. Invested roughly $9K in the course, but made $21K in profits…that was my start. Self education is the poor mans journey so I always stayed broke trying to figure stuff out on my own so I was tutored by a full time trader.

Nicolasks says:

Investopedia, has a simulator with option trading capabilities. I started testing over there and when I decided that I had enough knowledge to take on the real investments then I switched to optionsxpress, they also have a simulator for free and you can trade Mini options (which are options that hold 10 underlying shares instead of 100), or just start small, I started with 500 dollars. Keep your losses limited, don't use margin accounts, don't use money that you don't have, and you will be ok .

Dianne Hale says:

check out 24option they have great training webinars & they are for all levels & are free. You can also check out their facebook page. Sign up for their emails & they have great special bonus for deposits. Between their webinars & it showed me how to start.

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