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Brent Mulholland says:

bro, your telling us to start trading with a small amount, but we need a decent amount to learn from you lol had to edit this comment..i'm not a hater, love your videos. and gonna keep watching. wish i had half your knowledge

Fncy _ says:

Can’t believe your paper trading ?‍♂️

jo lo says:

That's a paper trading account I see that. Why u fool us. If u use real account u can cover your amount and account number with stars in think or swim. Show us the real not the fool

Denise Anderson says:

Why is the on demand feature on ?

Fun Game Reviews says:

Hey been waiting for your call for the appointments. Hope to hear from you Leo!

King Cesar says:

Incredible video love it!$???????

jet lo says:

nice smooth jazz music to go with the excitement leonardo !!!

Fun Game Reviews says:

Ok so Christmas eve looks like tech stocks did move 6. Is that meaning Wednesday will be even larger?

Mikael Hyytiäinen says:

3. BIG Elliot wave! Whats more likely this week Thu-Fri: A huge drop continues, stagnates and stabilizes, or bounces up to previous resistance? Is It likely that theres now ongoing 3. Elliot wave continuing to crash? Last weeks crash speed without pops surprised many…

נמרוד דר says:

hello sir can i signed for your trading signals ?

saltwaterfly1 says:

your video is entertaining but why do you show us yourtrades on the TOS platform on demand (means backtesting) – as seen on the right upper corner ?

Jesse Rodriguez says:

Awesome work man

hightower1215 says:

If my calculations are correct keeping the options from the second trade through expiration would have netted you 80 K. What made you roll down?

Joey D says:

You’re a gift from the heavens ????

yehovayireh says:

In Think or swim how do u have the mouse automatically selected to mid point ?? For limit orders

Knights says:

Leonardo is a Jedi!

Dave Thomas says:

Just amazing I used Vix, /es ,/nq as one of my arsenal in my trading. And it make a different Can't wait to the buy your charts course soon. Wish i found i this channel a year ago when I was making good profit but was greedy with the wrong mindset.

Yamaha NTX700 says:

I opened my first trading account (Robinhood) on Wednesday night. Bought VXX calls on Thur morning, sold them Friday around noon. I bought the wrong strike, but still made a 63% profit in 24 hrs.
Any thoughts on TTWO? Death cross + black candle + volume shows selling but the price hasn't gone down yet. Plus they haven't been tanking with the rest of the market. The chart has me thinking to buy $96 puts.

cpgraves15 says:

Leo, thank you for making videos and sharing your knowledge with the public. You have helped more than you'll ever know! Are you feeling a temporary bounce in the markets this up coming short Christmas week?

heath wiley says:

Yes. His best video . i especially liked how you went into detail about buying between the spread. Thanks bro keep them coming . best option knowledge in you tube. Right here folks

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