Trading Order Flow: Keeping It Simple, Practical & Effective

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Francis Paquette says:

great lessons, thanks for sharing

Black Star says:

commissions must be crazy

asfand yar says:

very good lessons

Grateful55 says:

Thanks for sharing !

The Day Trader says:

Hi guys thanks for the video. Do you apply order flow to stock market? I usually trade futures

Nick Gryzoski says:

This was CRAZY HELPFUL!!! How do you be the best, learn from the best.

Andy Way says:

Been trading off the Jigsaw Dom for 7 months, the one and only thing that has truly improved my edge and tough me how markets work… P. Davis is a wizard… a real life unicorn wizard no doubt about it.

Thomas Bailey says:

This is pure gold!!! Thanks SMB!!!!

pharoahscurse says:

golden content!

matty 11 says:

Tons of nugget in this video, will definitely dig deeper into the jigsaw platform! Thanks for sharing!

Anthony Lisov says:

Hi SMB capital! I formally request more video lessons on order flow and reading the tape!

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