Trading Penny Stocks for Beginners

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If you are a beginner to trading penny stocks, this will show you the types of things I look for.

This penny stock trades at only about $.12, and I believe it’s about to turn the corner and increase dramatically in value.

Anything I say here is opinion only, and this is not trading advice. In fact this penny stock is not appropriate for the vast majority of people to invest in.

The company is a cloud-based technology which enables the secure distribution of digital files. So for example, if a well-known music artist has a new song to be released, or Burger King has a new TV ad, they use the technology to ensure the content is released at the right time to the right people.

I have personally invested over a quarter million dollars into this company and I have options on the shares.

I’ve been involved with this penny stock since they needed funding several years back. In fact, I’ve been closely following this company through 3 different CEOs, a corporate name change, and even a reverse share split.

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haljbr says:

I bought WRESQ (they just changed their symbol from WRES) and now I see this news: Warren Resources Files for Bankruptcy, Wiping Out Stockholders
What are options for this stock? keep till the end?
Another question: why this stock symbol does not show up on website

tyler phillips says:

How does traders know when a stock will increase when the market opens

avothepaladin says:

i have been trying to find this company on the app robinhood , but i cant seem to find it on there. Would you maby know why?

Tiffany Ware says:

Good Morning, Peter,

Like many people that are responding to your videos, I am new to penny stocks and I am actually a member of your newsletter. I learned so much by reading the first edition of your book, watching your videos and studying your site. I have many questions, but this is probably not the platform.

However, I do want to ask this one question. I, too, was going to purchase shares of YOOIF but noticed it was being sold on the gray market. Should I still purchase it? I read through all the messages and I didn't see a definitive answer.

Thank you so much,

Stefano Castri says:

Hi Peter,
I placed an order to buy Yangaroo using a limit order at 6 cents (is currently listed at .0590) but didn't fill, then I placed a new order at 7 cents and that didn't fill either, then again I placed a new order at 8 cents and still nothing. Why is that? Also it does not show a bid price nor a ask price and no volume trading at all. Is there something wrong?

Stunna league says:

Hello Peter I'm new to the penny stock trading I'm new to trading period I'm living in England and using TD Ameratrade U.K… But every time I invest in seem to be loosing even if the stock rises.. I purchased penny stock for dummies the revised version beginning reading but my question is there anything about trading penny stocks if your not in America. Thanks

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