Trading Penny Stocks Won’t Make You Rich

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Listen to all of it.

How many people are rich off of building penny stock portfolios? Becoming rich and acquiring wealth doesn’t happen overnight, let alone in a week, month, quarter, or year. The Buffets, Icahns, and Ackmans of the stock trading world did get to their positions buying penny stocks or day-trade flipping and scalping, they buy stocks on fundamental business principles to buy and HOLD stocks.

If you think you cannot afford to play anything other than penny stocks, you are lying to yourself. That is your greed and impatience speaking for you. I’ll take the safe route towards wealth, my money works for me and I don’t have to ever worry about it vanishing from me or getting manipulated out of my pockets, you should do the same. You worked hard for your money, that is your gold, start protecting it.


fearless gamer 21 says:

thats y you need viable stocks stupid go back to penny stock books bitc#

Yogi Bear says:

So what would you say the best way to start even learn the basics of stocks? Is there any books or sites u recommend? what programs do I need?

ICE FLY says:

Thank you Josh so much you've really opened my eyes about trading bigger company's than these risky Penny Stocks. I know this sounds stupid but I'm only going to be trading with £100 :-). Any advice?

shalvin prakash says:

Options are good if you have a small account and great if you have a large account size, but they are too quite complex and require a lot of studying and practice and should not be taking lightly, check out "tastytrade" if you don't feel like picking up a book, they pretty much taught me everything I know… For FREE!!! did I mention, they also have a YouTube channel as well.

Jacques Gottleibenkov says:

I made $152,645.97 in 1 month, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Jared Weiker says:

otc's are crap and hes right I like to short the pumps and buy good shit.I trade NUGT which is a etf everyday and make a killing and swing it as well from march 28 54.50- may 2nd wich top at $123 and sold at $120 on 300 shares when i first started traded this i was getting 50-100 shares and using suretrader with some leverage.Now i dont need to use leverage and trade with my own cash with speedtrader.Suretrader is a nice way to start off with cause no pdt rule then once u make the 25k mark u can move to a different broker.I was using etrade but 20 bucks to trade is a lot suretrader 4.95 each way and speedtrader 4.49 each way with 25k+.

jared says:

If only these trolls would listen to your teachings rather than comment on a video with hate and foolishness they would be financially free lol. I appreciate all the helpful videos you post josh! Keep it up homie! #TTF

Dean Lee says:

Hey Josh ,it's great that you believe in trading blue chip stocks but alarm bells always ring with me when someone is constantly bashing something, in this case it's penny stocks and it's about the third time I have heard you do this in your videos.Trading penny stocks saved my life ,i was taken in by binary options crooks and lost a lot of money a few years ago until I watch tim Sykes DVD's, learned a few good patterns,stuck to them and have not looked back since penny stocks have made me a lot of money and if you follow rule number 1,CUT YOUR LOSSES QUICKLY, you won't blow up your account,we know that penny stock companies will most likely crash that's what we want so that we can cash in on shorting them when this happens you can make alot of money quickly and that's what most people want, not holding a stock for weeks for a shity few percent.I am sure you make money with your methods but you need to spend more of your time explaining what your method is rather than putting down penny stocks, it comes across as you just trying to get sign ups.

Travis Liburd says:

And then there's your example about Warren Buffet…and telling people to look around and notice that its only a few ppl successful at pennystocks and that they are selling you something. Well how many ppl do you know are like Warren Buffet????? There’s only ONE Warren Buffet. Aint no other trader out there like him. But there are THOUSANDS of successful penystock traders out there and I can name a few. So your point is pretty ironic, stupid and invalid isn’t it. Who wants to trade Apple for a measly 5 cent move in a day… right now as im typin this on 4/19/16 its at 107.14…high was $107.96 and it opened at 107.88. So it moved around a measly 80 cents today. Who wants to trade that when i can trade $LEI and get in about a $3 or $4 move and triple my money (with proper risk management). Pennystocks has its risks but so does trading period. Your video should be called "being like warren buffet wont make you rich"……THATS a more accurate fact.

Travis Liburd says:

i listened to this video just to see this guys perspective and after one minute in I had to stop. The ignorance was just too much. What on Earth are you talking about that Pennystocks wont get you rich? What other investment do you know can offer investors 30, 40, 50, 100, 200 percent gains in a day or two without having 50 grand or 100 grand in an account? Pennystocks offer potential for the average Joe, and gives that person the opportunity to grow an account exponentially without having millions of dollars to their name . I PERSONALLY know ppl who have quit their jobs to trade and would never in their life go back to working 9-5. As a result I too trade, and while I'm not rich, or a millionaire, I have sure more than doubled the investment I put in

Brandon Williams says:

shut up dude! stop hating…there are plenty of people making gains in the penny stock market. You can stick to your investing strategy and maybe in 10 years you'll make 10%. lol

Snap Snap says:

I've made $130k from Penny Stocks.  Not rich but not bad.

Nicholas Wilt says:

Lol people who know what they are doing trading penny stocks and have had some type of training would not trade a chart that looks like $DIDG and would definitely not hold a stock that is going down for that long, the biggest moves happen in penny stocks and if a stock doesn't go your way you get out of it, simple as that. Penny stocks are way better.

Alex Jozwa says:

Hey bud, what you're doing is not investing, that's still trading. Go read The Warren Buffett Way and then start making videos.

Top Screen says:

I respect you and i understand that options can be very rewarding but they both can be very rewarding…I would never buy that penny stock where your example was..that would be stupid…only focus on breakout and earnings winners…even if the stock goes the wrong way..get would be stupid to hold for that long

Casey Perez says:

Also what about hedging via options to cover your position or stop loss orders to minimize losses are these strategies not relevant to penny stocks?

Casey Perez says:

Real stock penny stock bottom line everybody will never be "doing it" because people are dumb lazy and simply don't believe it can happen for them…. Same as some make it seem as if selling real stocks is "easy" nothing is easy those with the slightest of knowledge know that much

Casey Perez says:

Ok but based on the fact that the volatility of the penny stock is negative could you not make the most money "shorting" penny stocks? Taking advantage of the constant down trend or bearish trends?

FanGoingHam says:

REAL !!! I Feel You Bro

Franklyn Castillo says:

You make extremely valid point about penny stocks and blue chip stocks. But you need to understand that the point of trading penny stocks is not the hype behind it but it's the possibility of purchasing large portions of one stock and that same stock having the capability of spoking so much and vice versa dropping so quickly. We make money on the price increase and decrease X the share size no matter what stock it is. 1000 shares at .10 that spike to .25 is .15 cents per the share. Compare to the person with a smaller account then you buying 100 shares at 76.00 and it increasing to 76.25 same price increase less profit. Your obviously smart enough to understand the mathematical side of it. But instead of bashing it you should embrace that those are stocks too that trade on the same markets you trade blue chip company stocks in. Just less expensive with more volatility.

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