Trading Safely in this Dangerous Market

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Today I have an important lesson for you. We’ve entered a dangerous market. It could get ugly fast. You need to learn how to be safe.

You can’t judge a trade based on the end result. You have to judge the trade based on how well did you plan and how well did you stick to that plan.

When stocks are hitting new lows, whether it’s an individual stock or the overall markets, you have to be careful because the bottom can fall out.

You have to think about the grand scheme of things. This is the longest bull market in history. We can’t be certain if it’s over, or if it will drop more.

Learning rules is crucial. You’ll never make a lot of money in the long run without rules.
Trading is hard even if you do have discipline and planning, but it gets very expensive very quickly when you don’t know the rules.

Number one rule: Cut losses quickly — always.

If you think that the rules don’t apply … you think that this is a new market, and this is a new sector … that’s usually right before the big crash.

Bitcoin people thought that the rules didn’t apply to them. Now Bitcoin is down 80%.

Remember, this isn’t an exact science. Sometimes a trade won’t go according to plan. You need to be OK with stocks not doing what you want.

I’m trying to be as transparent as possible with you. I want to be real with you because I don’t want you to be discouraged if you lose.

Trading is challenging — but with rules, it’s not that scary. Learn to have discipline. Follow the rules. And most importantly, remember to cut losses quickly.

Are you trading safely in this market? Leave a comment below and tell me how.

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Deontia Andrews says:

Be safe…when there are no plays…its the best time to study….

ZachR says:

you have to judge a trade by how well did you plan and how well did you stick to your plan thanks Tim I promise to be safe

Kate Shungi says:

Short selling

ilda menconi says:

You're right timothy the market is really dangerous, crypto currency has gone done the drain, am a victim to this circumstance.

Max Felton says:

What are the stats. Tim has a few millionaire students. How many 100 thousand students? How many students total? When I last looked 150000 enrolled on the website. 0.003% make it to millionaire status. He might have more than 3 or 5 millionaire but in the end, all it comes down to is at best he introduced that capable individual to what was their calling.

Kristofer Saly says:

Thanks for the reminder! It has happen to me a few times.. Not a loss But ALL the gains

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

JRC Photo Art says:

Short but sweet. Great advice. Noted

Sugeng Atmojo says:

Once I got lossing trade during trading hours
Suddently I saw Mr Tim Sykes gesture then I do
Cutting loss quickly, this almost always happened!!
Then I can sleep well after that!..?

Zarek Matthew says:

I promise to be safe!

Tim Newton says:

Been studying since Oct. Starting to paper trade, hoping to real trade in March.

Nick says:

Looking healthy Tim! Love it

Chris Smith says:

Thanks Tim … 🙂 promise to be safe!

Johnathan Hicks says:

Bought Tim G. Dvd learned so much out of it. Found ZN stock on Wednesday and a lot more winners before then. Cant wait to actually put money into the stock instead of paper trading.

111590oh says:

Tim this is an awesome video. I thought i was the only one losing lately.

Vincenzo Migliaccio says:

I PROMISE to be safe this time around.

SMWCEnjoirider says:

Thanks for the video Tim, as always.

I have quick question. Im saving up so I can build a brokerage account and start trading, but I want as much practice as I can get, especially given the recent market conditions. Is there any free websites or software that I can use to monitor the stock market? I usually some free time after the market opens everyday, and I think watching the stocks in real time could really help me determine stock patterns.

SignsExpressTexas says:

Tim, I'm sure most of us feel the same way that we can't thank you or demonstrate our gratitude enough for the free content you publish because we know that you don't have to. I've been saving for months now so I can one day finally do the third interview and hopefully join the family. Paul Nixon

Defiant GTI says:

cut losses quickly

Kevin Garrison says:

Be safe on every trade

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