Trading Stocks – $1,795 in 33 Minutes – Meir Barak

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How to day trade for 33 min. and make $1,795.
Meir Barak day trading live on September 16th 2015.

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Mathias Arendrup says:

Great video, and great channel overall, subbing to you sir.
Now I do have a question for you, to me, you daytrading setup looks more advanced than some other traders, for example forex traders where they only use the chart, and not the ticking numbers and positions i see you having. Can you explain to me what they mean and how you use them. Also what platforms offer this kind of trading service.

Thank you in advance, keep it up !

Ali Safaa says:

Mr . Meir what is the ways can I withdraw my cash balance..?
I didn't register yet ….so I want to know if there is a paypal or stp or something else..??

Paid Video Gamers says:

After you trade early morning gaps, do you ever trade during the rest of the day?

RobertoMitrofan says:

Meier – tried to e-mail you at –

I use yahoo-mail – says can not deliver. Where can I contact you, please!

Thank you

Andrew Kelly says:

Thanks Meir, Great trading video.

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