Trading Stocks and Exploring Costa Rica with Maribeth

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I had the best time visiting Costa Rica! Thankfully my job at Bulls on Wallstreet allows me to travel the world and work from anywhere. In Costa Rica I learned how to surf, ziplined over the volcano Arenal, rode four wheelers round La Fortuna, came face to face with a bull, and survived the fastest water slide you can imagine! At BOWS, we teach people how to trade stocks in our Trading Bootcamp. We do these every other month over a 60 day bootcamp that is designed to take students from A to Z on how we trade stocks.

email me for more info or if you ever want to talk stocks!



Tivvy2Vs says:

What's the song?

CryWolf says:

Videos like this are an inspiration to want to succeed at trading……"grits teeth" i'ma learn to be a successful trader so i can have moments like this.

Abortion Abortion says:

0:42 nice shot of the cow shitting

Chad Chering says:

Beautiful footage, id love to visit Costa Rica with my wife some day.

Jessiwills says:

thanks for sharing! awesome vid. That's a true vacation.

Michael Z says:

You guys look like a very sweet couple.  Thanks for sharing.  

blakeayee says:

This video is so AWESOME! Looks like ya'll had a blast! Costa Rica is so beautiful, looks like you had an amazing experience. I'm glad you shared this amazing glimpse into your journey.

Shany G says:

1:303:54 empty video (black screen)

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