Trading stocks, is it allowed?

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Trading stocks, is it allowed?
Answered by Dr. Muhammad Salah on ask Huda
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awais raza says:

What about margin trading? Or shorting.

JunaidAK (AK) says:

Warning… Another Economic crisis ahead… Estimated time for the crisis to take place less than 3 months…

Saif Chowdhury says:

Mashallah very excellence speech and proper advice. Thank u very much. May Allah shower his blessed mercy.

k9forkids says:

Also I like to think that the only enemy humans have are the ones in their minds

k9forkids says:

@legalAlien15 How was the 2 ww not about religion, If it wasn't for the catholic church then there would be no hate for jews. Catholic church was created for money and power just check their bank account. You have to think that hitler could not do what he did without the help of hundreds of years of propaganda against the jews from the Catholic church. so to say that religion has nothing to do with it is like saying the dollar menu has nothing to do with getting fat of americans

legalAlien15 says:

@legalAlien15 cont.
i rather being enslaved by the One who creates me rather than being enslaved by 'powerful' human/creature who can only think for him/them self and tends to corrupt.
i've read this "as long there is Religion …. there will be Blood shed" thought so many times and to be honest is a naive way of thinking. respect 'n peace.

legalAlien15 says:

@k9forkids it's unfair if u saying "as long there is Religion …. there will be Blood shed". WW 1 & 2 was not about religion but still war was happened. if one/group wants to rule or even enslave others by unethical action (deception, intimidation .etc) for his/their own benefit (power and wealth) trust me there will still war. if there is no justice than there will be no peace.

fijiandevil says:

@k9forkids a good movie to see how the world would be if there was no religion is "book of Eli"

fijiandevil says:

@k9forkids if you look at history at the lands where there were no religion there was no peace. people buried girls alive, rich oppressed the poor, killing,stealing to take others properties, women and many more. people have translated the torah, bible, quran and another other books for personal gains and power. and many people now a days do not take the time to read their books so they can make their own mind instead of priests, raabi etc. telling them.

k9forkids says:

Wow you guys are so blinded by your "FAITH" that you need to double check in your Bible for personal finance decision. Have you ever eaten Ice Cream to fast which makes your Head Hurt? We are all Humans and are All the Same, as long there is Religion on this planet there will be Blood shed. Peace my Brother!

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