Trading Successfully With Just 30 Mins Per Day!? ↗️↘️

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Trading successfully with just 30 mins per day – is it possible? Can you trade forex with just 30 minutes per day? We hear this all the time. I think the indices may be particularly suitable for part-time traders as they are reasonably liquid and there are plenty of indices out there. The good thing about these is that they are based on an underlying cash; the underlying cash is the stock exchange where all the underlying stocks are trading…. Very often the high or low of the day happens during the first 30 minutes so trading with just 30 minutes per day starts to look a little more feasible. However you still need time to prepare and plan your trades.

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jazz singh says:

I usually do some analysis in the morning for one hour before trading from 8am to 9am, then trade ftse100 from 9am. Mark is right regarding forex, indicies are more straightforward to trade.Their are a lot of forex training websites selling that you can make easy money in half hour like get rich quick schemes, I think for a beginner forex can be very volatile and if you don't know what you are doing you can easily lose money which I did. When I switched to FTSE100 found it much better to trade.

lokone303 says:

i only "trade" 15 min per day, but the rest of the day is plenty of backtesting and searching for new indicartors/settings to backtest or working on psicotrading by listen audiobooks or youtube. Its working from the lst 6 months.

spbeckman says:

Trading crypto, yes, 30 minutes in total is enough, but the time of those 30 minutes cannot be easiky predicted.

The Ever Farting Elephant says:

I think its possible but for the most part trading 30 Minutes a day is usually a marketing gimic for people that teach trading to make money. I trade cryptocurrency and on low time frames and I've made money in 30 minutes, but I watch the markets 7 days a week 10-16 hours a day. Theres so much to do, I wish i had more time. 25 Pairs to watch, 25 pairs to keep data on, 4 different time frames, observations of what's happened in the past. Of course if I wanted $50 or $100 a day, 30 M to an Hour a day is likely realistic, Still, there are times I'll take 3-4 losses in a row, and buy candle closes. Then maybe there will a 8-20% move. It would be disappointing to miss the rally according to your criteria if you lose 4 times but your "30" minutes is you walk away and miss the big move. This channel is a goldmine. Thanks for all your vids.

David SKerritt says:

I scalp the ES all day except for the last hour. I live in the U.S. Eastern time zone. If I only had 30 minutes to trade I would choose 1000am to 1030am. Why not 930am to 1000am? Because the market frequently forms a wedge bottom or double bottom before a move higher…or a wedge top or double top before a move lower. By 1000am or 1015am, that has usually formed and if there is a trend it is getting underway so you can see what the trend is by then and take high probability trades with the trend.

lombardo141 says:

If the conditions are right. Yes absolutely. I have done it so I know. 🙂

Mustafa Baris says:

It’s completely utter NONSENSE … The biggest mistake traders make is to come up with these “ magic numbers “ like I will only trade 30 minutes or , I will only trade the first one hour , or I just need to make 300 USD a day , 500 USD a day .. numbers after numbers , these are only LIMITATIONS .. Instead , focus on executing your trading method well , deploy massive patience and focus on opportunities that the market presents not just in 30 minutes , spot certain patterns that always keep repeating and do this consistently without thinking about how many minutes you need to trade or how much USD you need to make a day …

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