Trading the E-mini Russell 2000 with a Possible 2,000 Tick Opportunity

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We haven’t covered the E-mini Russell 2000 in quite some time. The E-mini Russell 2000 is showing signs of a possible bullish trend, which is close to 2,000 ticks.

Drawing a channel with previous support and resistance trend lines, we can see that the E-mini Russell 2000 is approaching a major u-turn point and could make a 2,000 tick bullish run to previous resistance.

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Daniel SánchezN says:

Now I am getting it better, recognizing II am a traffic light violator and receiving very high cost infractions. I will have to wait for the green lights. Best

Jose pool says:

a counter trendline break?

Adrian Mazzalupo says:

Great video and strategy- quick question on this example you follow daily trend, but what happen when daily trend is up but monthly is down? which one do you follow?

Suraj Singh says:

Trading made simple.
Excellent explanation!

rashed nizam says:

Great analysis brother

Jean Palanga says:

Great analysis

Azrin Zamberi says:

Thanks boss

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