Trading the Emini SP 500 ES with Responsible Day Trading +6.75 Points

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Lawd! If it could go wrong, it was going to today. I had issues with my charts. I added 90 days to my 10946 today, mid-day, and it jacked things up so that I had to refresh my charts and step away. Turns out, when I refresh my charts, not only does it freeze-up the charts, it also freezes-up my recording program. So I had to spend some time figuring out how to make things that were 2 minutes off, sync up. There’s one thing I can say about myself, I learn something new every day—and today was ALL about editing. Was a LONG lesson and running much later than planned, but a valuable one no less.

When everything froze up, I walked away for a bit. This means that I lost a bit of focus, came back and didn’t think twice before I pulled the trigger…. And there was definitely not a lot of thought behind what I wanted to happen… I just reacted, twice. After the 2nd time, I did realize I was trying to force things to work instead of really watching what was happening.

I did jump the gun on the 3rd trade—FOMO hit me hard after 2 losses in a row, so that one was a loss as well. BUT in realizing that I was trading in the right direction, I gave it one more shot. That’s when I decided to add on 4 more contracts and wrap it up when that was all over.

Alrighty folks—the world is a crazy place these days. The only thing we have control over is the way we react and I am going to keep that in mind as I go through each and every part of my day. Remember to be kind to yourself and others because the world could use a little kindness these days! Much love good people and hope to catch yall back here tomorrow!


carlos abreu says:

Incredible that last trade, congratulations! I feel identify with what you were saying about taking time off, or at least leaving the computer after trading… No matter if I win or lose, sometimes I spend 8 or 10 hours sitting watching the market practicing and trying to feed my confidence but I know it is not right… The idea of this profession is to capitalize and get away from the desk, spend time with the love ones and with yourself, or else what's the use of all these free time?? Have a great weekend with your family and keep up the great work!

Derrick Chua says:

Thanks for this video Lindsay = )

Joseph Glover says:

❤keep being U

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