Trading The Gold Bull With Options

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Come on in my trading office and let me walk you through our latest option setup in the gold mining ETF. We use Elliott Wave and Fibonacci analysis to pinpoint the exact support and resistance levels for this trade setup…

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Brian P says:

yep I'm with you here…good insight

good super says:

The office is very good

TimTalksTV says:

can you do a beginners guide to trading? Thanks!

Fizzle says:

whats is your recording software

Gavin Poperechny says:

you should put some LEDs in the bull skull.

Ahmed Ali says:

hey man just came acroos your videos i know a little about stocks what do you teach here on your channel?

Jamie Sinclair says:

Hi Todd just came across your videos but I don't really understand stocks however I would really like to start experimenting with small amounts of money. What in your opinion, is the best way to get started?

Sam Sands says:

Love how in a video of a few weeks ago you said if market goes under 2005 the market would go lower. Well it went under your 2005 level and here we are at all time highs. EW is complete rubbish. If it were not all EW practitioners would have the same wave counts. It is subjective at best and pretty useless in timing the market.

Hugh Hammer says:

Name him "Pit Bull" Bull in a trading pit dude! Or name him Hugh the Hammer from Baltimore :)

Kevin Lamar says:

I vote to name the Bull "Richard Nouveau". Almost ten years ago, there was a hamburger costing $175 at Wall Street's Burger Shoppe (closed now). The sandwich had gold (ironic trade) on it. All bulls (markets) eventually die and we get to enjoy hamburger.

ThirdWaveUp says:

Ha! I saw the horns up before I even pressed play LOL. Nice fib analysis. Motive wave really covers the different possibilities. I've always remembers what our favorite book taught us: that commodities can sometimes have extended 5th waves.

getmandc says:

Do u have a motive wave demo trial? What's the basic explanation for how the swing waves is calculated…Can u do an analysis on CELG?

robert cruz says:

wait maybe i should become a member first,…lol

robert cruz says:

Todd i didnt get that text message

VIX Trader says:

excellent demo Todd!

ddam3 says:

Nice Video, I really appreciate the Motive Wave trading!

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