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In this video I’m going to talk about trading gold. Gold is a very popular market for day traders and swing traders alike. I do trade gold but sporadically; I seem to be very active at certain periods but I then don’t watch it for a long time. I have levels that I’m interested in but the gold price seems to stagnate at times. But when it kicks into gear and starts getting money flowing in or out of it, it can trade and trend very nicely. I want to share with you something that works pretty recently in terms of a setup and strategy using a moving average.

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Live Learn says:

lost most the money on my account last position is on gold short 😂 and everyone's long

CryptoTrader says:

Well timed. Thanks. Was a bit bored with my usual forex pairs today and just started looking at XAU/USD. Looks cool but also pretty damn wild at times.

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