Trading Tickers With Tim Grittani

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I’m here with Tim Grittani — an amazing American legend

Most of you know him as one of my most successful students. He started with $1,500 and now reports over $6.7 million in profits.*

Good news: He finally released a DVD. It’s called “Trading Tickers” and it’s awesome.

You need to watch this video — especially if you’re a beginner.

Everything you need to start is in one place. You’ll learn not only the basics, but even detailed reviews of the patterns that brought Grittani success.*

There are eight in-depth patterns reviews and 36 live examples!

To succeed as a trader, it greatly helps to study what works for other traders. Rather than solely copying their patterns, combine them with what works best for you to create your ideal custom strategy.

Patterns often repeat themselves. The stock market isn’t an exact science, but preparing for it can help strengthen your trading.

You need to study and prepare so you’re ready to take advantage of these plays. Learn from other traders. Take advantage of their experience.

Are you familiar with Tim Grittani’s incredible story? Click the link below and let me know if you’ve watched his video!


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Its good video Thanks TIM .. He is right. It's MARATHON……study hard !!!

Joshua drayton says:

???get info
Like always

Ethan Yandow says:

Which broker do you use sir Grittani

Ethan Yandow says:


Klarenxe Blood says:

Why does Tim Grittani use so mamy different strategies ? I've been keeping up for about 3 yrs now and I notice so much change where is the structure to his trading ?

Jaay Mun says:

You guys are chilling in shorts…..and I’m sitting her in -50 degree weather in Chicago. ☹️

Casper Trader says:

Awesome collab guys! Love your videos Tim keep the great content rolling in!?

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