Trading Tip: The Secret Power Of Stock Options

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Ryan Rall Concrete says:

Iam a concrete contractor,and although I've only watched 2 of your videos, I have to say you have a great Straight forward teaching style,very approachable. And love the chalkboard, it's a nice change of pace w/Everybody trying to be so cool w/their graphics etc

Smith Joan says:

Nice video!!!!

Faisal Satar says:

Thanks clay! To add:

To clarify the settlement period only applies if you are withdrawing funds from your trading account. if your trading account has a balance of $500 and you use $250 of that to buy shares of FB then sell them. You would have to wait 3 business days from the date of execution (selling) for the $250 to be withdrawn from your account. Now if you use margin power (leverage) you would have to check in your available balance on how much you used for that given trade because you may have used $100 your money but $200 leverage ($300 total). in this case you would wait for $100 to withdraw as the remainder was not your's rather your brokers. you do not have to wait for the settlement period if you are not going to be withdrawing any funds from your trading account.

Hope that helps. 

Chris Alexander says:

Could you explain why brokers always try to lead you to believe that you are going to use options to actually buy or sell stock shares or as a safety for your large holdings in stocks. Maybe I'm just totally missunderstanding but seems like Brokers are trying to hide that you can just buy and sell the options themselves with no regard for the actual stock shares.

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