Trading Tips From Millionaire Trader, Steven Dux- Steady Trade Podcast Season 2 Ep. 5

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See how trader, Steven Dux, refined his trading strategies and was able to make $1.3 million in less than two years.

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Ace Kus says:

Hey so just curious but when is Broker Intergration coming out for the STT Platform?

cmaiorino11 says:

ok dux is an absolute freak LOOL, didnt even think it was possible to create your own algorithms.

William John says:

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Londale Carter says:

Im making an algo system too

Patricia Allen says:

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Amal Al-aziz says:

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Lance Wing says:

Judging by many of the comments it seems like a lot of people are confused about what this podcast is, or maybe I'm confused. I understand SteadyTrade to be a light hearted conversation between Tim and Stephen Johnson and sometimes a guest. An experienced trader teamed with a newer, developing trader, always to be informational but not intended to be '20/20' or '60 Minutes'. I'm pretty sure Dux didn't come on here to explain in detail his strategies. That would take hours and that's what his upcoming DVD is for. He is giving a overview of his background and approach to the market in a conversation with his trading pals, Tim and Stephen. It's intended to entertain and inform. Let the guys be themselves. C'mon folks, when Tim messes with Stephen he's joking, pretty sure Stephen knows that. Good grief lighten up and enjoy the show. Keep it up guys, we like it.

Skyyy Warppp says:

Are people this fucking stupid? 27K to over 2 Millions in two years ? He said he down more than 90% of his account on some of his trades. You guys this is BULLSHIT. It always the same story of a the wonder kid who turns his college money into a a fortune overnight and they always happen to have a DVD for sale on how you can do it to. Be smart you guys come on.

Robert Paulo says:

How can he go in and out so easily and churn out profits? Teach us how to execute like that.

furqan says:

I want his spreadsheets.

Gábor Jakab says:

Tim Bohen why are you say this bullshit you can lose more then your account if you short? The broker will cover the position before it could happen.

Andrew Gladness says:

hes making money like Tim Sykes put probably in the Chinese market and Tim Sykes speaks Chinese hes helping him out its obvious

Andrew Gladness says:

yall are sucking up so so much he will never sell out he has a partnership with Tim Sykes

Adrian Collins says:

Great video. 👍🏼👍🏼

HimmenyDiggaley says:

FACK yeah nice ones guys

Ali Yusuf says:

I wouldnt tell anybody if i was creating an algo like this

APEX Pack says:

Love the podcast guys but definitely need more input on strategies or possibly even bring up an old trade that he did well on and analyze his thinking. But again I love the podcast keep the content coming

Indie Investments says:

Who is Nathan? lol

Hunter Hammonds says:

Dux's secret is huffing sulfur hexafluoride apparently.

Trelessius Fields says:

I love watching the Podcast every week especially as a newbie it really helps out, you guys are doing an awesome job and I look forward to many more. As for as interviewing guest I believe Roland Wolfe was my favorite so far. Maybe because he answered more questions or you guys asked him more questions and he  gave a little bit more advice I don't know but it was my favorite and I still go back and watch that one. Thanks again for everything you guys put into making sure we stay informed!

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