Trading with Timothy Sykes Month 1

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A month-by-month Vlog detailing my lessons, practice and experience. Can Timothy Sykes really make you a millionaire? Is it a scam? I’ll do all of the learning and practice and find the answer for you. Wish me luck and watch to learn more.


Shreyas Lucas Dsouza says:

Hey your videos are good info man! keep it up.
also could you suggest any other broker other then first trade. They don't accept Indian citizens(sadly many don't) .. so if you know any other brokers who accept Indian citizens do let me know thanks!

Atenas CnGz says:

you invest 1,500 US? but you started to trade or wait after reading some of Tim Syke´s literature?

Miles Harding says:

$8 I know how you feel….

Rick Zeezy says:

how much money did you start with in your trading account?

Lloyd B says:

I just came across your videos, and your excel interest caught my eye. It was great to hear the things you talked about as I was going through the same things maybe 9-10 years ago when I started. The passion, the excitement and I also was playing around with excel. Unlike what you say about hundred of hours… I was 10's of thousands of hours of dedication… I started out doing 18 hour days 7 days a week after my initial interest in trading. It's been a big journey, a long journey but that best.

Stick with it and in the end as brutal as trading can be psychologically it can also be very rewarding, in short it's an emotional roller coaster. I'm not so sure about your being a TS whore but hey if it gets you trading so be it I guess I will say he is an inspirational guy and I love how he speaks his mind, he's pretty fun I just don't like the sales whoring side but anyway.. happy days man and good luck with your journey.

On a side note you really should check out trading Options man, you can make money in a lot more relaxed environment with not having to guess the direction.
As you say… Peace out man.

reese_ ks says:

I trade this… didn't fit my style. I trade forex now, still learning. I like forex more better tbh maybe you should give it a try

Baz Trading says:

Hey man you should try using RobinHood, there are no commissions however it doesn't have the best executions.

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