Trading with Timothy Sykes Month 2

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My month-by-month account of trades documenting my progression and thoughts in real-time. Learn with me and let me make the mistakes so you don’t have to. Apologies for Audio.


JM Roslin says:

good video. too bad it cut abruptly in the end

Ritch Flynn says:

Just started going through your videos bro. Like the spreadsheets a lot, very important


Nice Video. Where can i find a template for excel sheets?Or do i have to make my own.

Andrés Bernal says:

Hi, what is the best way, to begin with the course, what DVDs and plans do you recommend to begin. I'm just barely beginning with the free stuff that he has but I don't know where to go after that, I'll appreciate your answer

Billy The T-Rex says:

LMAO i made the same mistakes….traded without knowing how to work my brokers platform haha first trade ever and i lost almost $500 lol I've come a long way since though

Brandon Howliet says:

do you use

kdogger61 says:

thanks bro..good stuff, where exactly are you finding the trades that spike?

Mohammed Uddin says:

Awesome videos Stephen, am watching your entire experience. Quick question, did the silver account include all the courses in profitly? How to make millions, etc?

slikdarelic says:

when i look at previous charts and trades, b4 i actually learned support and resistance and a few indicators.. i realize now i left 1000s on the table.. tens of thousands.

Randon Hayes says:

That spreadsheet is badass, Did you make all of it?

hysto cyntoma says:

Do you have instagram? so I may follow you

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