Trading with Timothy Sykes Month 5 week 2

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Alex Klier says:

If you are really trading with Tim, then you wouldn't be taking a trade just because you are "bored". This is exactly why you are losing money, and you seem fine with losing money. Taking horrible trades and chasing trades. I have been watching Tim's videos since April and have learned a ton, and you shouldn't be losing all the time if you are "getting the material". I watch your videos on what not to do, not what to do when trading. You need to reconfigure your strategy if you keep losing money on every trade. I will keep watching videos hoping you turn things around, my friend.

tom pappolla says:

Good video man,  did you ever think of adding vwap and previous close to your charts its the only 2 I use as a guide good luck on your week off. I think as you get older you will party less and profit more. good luck again.

Nguyên says:

I don't know how is your preparation, or what kind of setup or your trading plan before the trade. But check out Trade the Ticker by Tim Gratani, he is one of the very first Tim Syke's students. The way Tim Gratini he prep, research, plan, records, trade analysis. Probably 10% is trading and 90% is working, researching, studying, analyzing. Trading is one of the hardest professions for making money, but the reward is extraordinary, you have to bust your ass up for it though. Thank you for the video blogs, I am still in the progress of learning, I am planning to quit my day job next year to move oversea to trade.

BigShag15 says:

My man, i would recommend taking those premarket gains every single time, especially on an overnight play. The only situation i wouldn't would be if there is good news on the stock and look for the morning spike and sell into it. Also, pay attention to the volume and setups that the premarket gives you. if you see a flag pattern setting up before the bell hold on to it and sell into the spike. Good luck my dude, ease off the drinking if you feel depressed to bro its a depressant for fucks sake

Rodriguez Stark says:

1 min into the video and I already realize why your single..

Russell Lee says:

love the updates bro !

Lloyd B says:

ha ha Stop drinking piss and focus on your trading man, it's time to get serious 🙂 loutish behaviour translates to your trading. Save the party for when your capital is a lot higher.
Better yet check this trade out trading non – directional

I want to see you with another positive month.

Ben Crooke says:

What software do you use to see the charts? I use and I wanna use something better.

TradeTheTrend Guru says:

Hi one of my site members told me to get in contact with you could i have your email please, also here is my website if you wish to have a look Hope to here from you soon!

Pennystocks AF says:

It's like 1 out a thousand clicks to get a referral in my experience. FYI They do pay though.

Jack Mac says:

Since you're a good talker…why don't you VLOG outside your room and show us your life in Dubai, maybe you will increase your views and make another income stream 😉 like Casey Nestat ha

Jung Sa (Hanen) says:

I only go long and I've been very profitable. I'm up 300 this week and 500 for the month

Redah Salie says:

You dont have to make a trade just because you can. Sometimes you just have to sit back until the market gives you a bargain and then capitalise on it. Basically im saying, not having a position is also a position.

Joseph Nwosu says:

hmmm was up on my demo account for 5 days made an average of 300 and 1000 usd on two days then got ahead of myself and lost 2300usd on friday and really need a reliable stock scanner for penny stocks. this would be better than yahoo daily gainers since yahoo then to scan for a section of the market and does not give room for specifying scan criteria. if you know of any stock scanner let me know

Kris Danielson says:

Imagine if you did the same thing but short think about it your statistically losing every month what if you went short when you would go long? Just some food for thought

xxxxpurepvpxxxx says:

In my book you are looking at bad setups.

mertone77 says:

Yeah man! You're getting there! Sometimes it's good with a short "breather" to clear your head.. So: Enjoy the beach! 😎 Looking forward to your next video! 🙌👊👌

William Durand says:

Like the songs. I took a significant loss earlier this week. Turns out I should've held because then I'd be winning big but you live and learn. I'm still confused on this but how much is needed to short in an account? 150% and a margin account or do you have to have $25k?

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