Trading with Timothy Sykes Month 5 Week 3

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Rene Mauricio Bermudez says:

Hi Stephen, love the your videos! Do you get your stock information from or…?? Thanks.

Simon Nicholson says:

This is really good to see. Fellow Geordie and follower of Sykes & co here. Which broker / software are you using? Been studying since May and still paper trading as no consistency yet.

Thomas Lee says:

Love your videos, I've been practicing up on my trading by following Tim Sykes as well. Love seeing your trading mindset, seems like your "feel" for the market is getting much better, and from listening to guys like Sykes, Tim Grittani, and other guys, thats first to come, then the profits roll in. Just had a suggestion, i got this idea from listening to Tim Gritanni's youtube convention speeches, if you get a watchlist of certain plays that you're looking at ( tech breakouts/breakdowns, top gainers that day, consolidation patterns, etc.) keep track of there performance in a spreadsheet. I've been doing that while paper trading. What I'm hoping it does for me is that it will show me what percentage of these ideas actually work out the way I was hoping for. Hopefully by the end of my research, I'll be able to see which plays are actually effective, which plays are better shorting, what percentage of them actually increase/decrease over x number of days, etc. Just something i wanted to throw at you in hopes of helping your overall goal. It might ween out some bad plays your not sure of in the future, or it might show you that statistically you have better chances of a long/short position with certain chart set ups. Keep fighting the good fight.

Joseph Nwosu says:

went down 1600usd yesterday and am up 3900usd today. there is definately hope for new trader if we can get the help required to get good at this

Joseph Nwosu says:

tuesday down 230usd and wednesday up 60usd. still on track for two week plan

Tony Dalton says:

How did you find these companies to invest in? What makes you think that yes I should invest in this?

Joseph Nwosu says:

hi today has been good up 1840 usd paper trading but am off to go play fifa and think about real money trading in two weeks time all things going to plan. the plan being staying profitable everyday for two weeks.

Juan Pablo Arcos Bruckner says:

You should use paper trade before you lose more money bro…

Kris Danielson says:

Swing stocks short I have a 87% profitability for it and a profit factor of 12.0

Alex Klier says:

Keep that shit up, boss! Would rather see you succeed than lose, my friend!

Metalman says:

keep trying and you will get there.

Ato “Ah - Toe” says:

Keep going man! Find the patterns that you are usually correct about and trade those more!! Thumbs up

Pietro Campanella says:

Miami Beach Baby!!!!! Keep it up Stephen, I learn a lot from your videos! Thank you for the commitment

Miles Harding says:

Your loss mother f@cker we r going 2 Miami beach

Carlos says:

love optt double my account on it few months a when optt had a contract win. the trade was suppose to be a contact scalp but ended up holding it for about 2 min.

TheFlash says:

What software do you use to record your videos for your Screen sharing?

epicpurevids says:

nice keep working hard

Russell Lee says:

Keep staying transparent bro !

TradeTheTrend Guru says:

Yeah i was a bit annoyed with $SORL i was looking for it to run a bit further than it did, especially as it was a multi-day breakout and it had a nice uptrend… Never mind

Lloyd B says:

WE'VE ALL done the "dumbest shit" stuff, you are not alone man and don't believe anyone that says anything other than that, but I just wish you'd stop wasting your time on these shitty little penny stock and come to the dark side…. come to Options and really experience what it is like to make money no matter WHAT DIRECTION the market goes in."Top of the morning to ya" ha ha funny shit you know they don't actually say that well in Ireland I'm not sure about the Scottish though. I was trading in Ireland and Northern Ireland earlier this year while travelling across Europe and my cousins said "Ah NO" and laughed at me "no one says that".

You do know the markets go down 60% of the time so they say so being stuck trading just long only is going to be tough. NEVER, NEVER place STOP LOSSES, NEVER. The market makers "stoploss hunt" and will take the loss out then carry on the opposite direction. Only place a Limit Order WHEN you want to or NEED to get out.

I uploaded this EBAY entry video on Wednesday and I will upload the outcome video (Thursday's opening) maybe tomorrow if I get the time. Check it out and see why trading Options runs all over those shitty little penny stock.

Miami Beach baby 😉 keep the dream alive man dedication is all it takes.

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