Trading with Timothy Sykes Month 5 Week 4 (BIG ANNOUNCEMENT)

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Rony says:

amazing review I have been studying with Tim Sykes for about 7-8 months now! And Im finally seeing patterns and turned $300 account to $374 in one trade on $CNBX and many more that I didn't take but I stood on the sidelines and watched it live. Hope you keep posting great content like this.

Greg “Greg” Orielley says:

Its obvious you chase stocks and have not developed a set up. Look, you will never make it anywhere chasing alerts, another thing, you will never make it by going long on these shitty stocks. All you need to do is short chat room alerts on double tops. or into high of days. That is all you need to do.

Ebbe Bogren says:

what trading platform do you use?

Tim Lee says:

so hyped for you man! Look forward to seeing your review and progress updates while your in the challenge. Your moving much quicker than others I can tell. Investing in education is the hardest part for newbies as they are so eager to use that money to trade instead. Keep it up!

Bruno Gomes says:

Hi Stephen, hope you are doing well. Is was planning on asking you if you saw yourself as a trader for the long run, but you've answered that through this video and your website. I too am an inspiring trader and have been studying/refining my approach for about 2 years, originally starting with Tim. I'd like to start making videos in conjunction with you, and help share information with beginning traders. I liked your reward system idea, so I would use something similar while showing live trades and recaps.

Cicero Araujo says:

good luck

Cicero Araujo says:

well, you are yong you can rebuild. good luck my friend

Cicero Araujo says:

if you win by paper trader you will win the in the real world

Cicero Araujo says:

save all your money by doing paper trader

Kala Titati says:


Harambe Mcgregor says:

How do you get all the trading programs you need? Do you buy them or download them somewhere?

Mo Hall says:

Tim grittani wasnt a challenge student

Chef Xyee says:

What vids have you watched besides trader checklist?

john2john25 says:

hello Stephen, I appreciate your videos and am looking forward to you posting the next few months with profits of hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands. congratulations on becoming a challenge student. looks like you are putting in the work, the rewards will follow. thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Reeghan Carroll says:

I love watching your videos. Definitely the most transparent and genuine trader I've come across. Keep on keeping on! Cheers from Canada!

FrancOdelic Music says:

i really wanna be a challenge stuent. but its soooo expensive

mertone77 says:

Congrats Stephen! That's awesome that you're a challenge student now ?? from now onwards it's going to be even more interesting watching your videos and see how you are doing! I always get a "motivational booster" watching your videos (as well as Tims ?). I think you have such a great mindset, you're always positve and full of determination! This will be your "big break through"… I can semse that! Failure is no option!! Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming! ?

Tom George says:

Nice to see you tracking your trading dude but check out edgewonk it will really help you dig into your trading and see where you're going wrong and where you're doing right. Keep up hard man.

living and lifting says:

October was a bad month for a lot of traders. a lot of slow days.

Kojakesh99 says:

What broker do you use?

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