Trading with Timothy Sykes Month 5

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Metalman says:

hey there I just want to say thank you for sharing your videos I enjoy watching them I also would like to get into the daytrading so I have been watching your videos Warrior trading videos and Sykes videos to try to pick a platform. keep up the good work

infoprodigy1 says:

go with warrior trading, hes mych better bro

infoprodigy1 says:

bro, you need to trade paper in an online simulator. stop losing your money. perfect your technique in a simulator….

stu Cole says:

I'm from the UK just wondering what Broker using

Abdullah Elkammar says:

Hollister :)

Nguyên says:

How is your setup? Do you really have to trade often?

Zaid Alchalabi says:

look into gap and go strategies
i think its best

Carlos says:


sorsorsor11 says:

Please continue your videos. I don't care if somebody bashing you, they should also post videos like this, I would love to see their hones performance, because I think most of the hypers are lying. Also I think you should throw away that goal list what you have. Sometimes it is nice to have goals, but I think in trading it's not that lineal line if you were to do a video series about your gym adventure. Keep up!!

Alex Day says:

hey Dude, what broker do you use?

bouchelarem anis says:

thank you for sharing your experience with us dude. keep it up 👍



Kris Danielson says:

Why don't you paper trade with a real time simulator instead of losing real $$$

Kris Danielson says:

Lol it's not really a small commission it's 30% but it's pretty good being a affiliate I make like $1k per month from it how much do you make?

Zeshan Manhe says:

What trading software do you use ?

Keith Sneed says:

I love your passion for trading and your determination to keep improving, I really do. I don't want to be rude at all, (I'm commenting on your video after all) but I'm worried for you man. I've been trading for well over a year, and I can tell you that you should really evaluate your current strategy. You've already lost $1,000 in 4 months. The worry I have is that you're not concerned by this.. As a trader, you want to protect your money, only putting it into something you believe in wholeheartedly. I had a similar few months once, where I lost $1k while just trying to catch moves and scalp the volatility.. But after I lost that money, I stopped all trading, stepped away from the market, and centered myself to find out what I was doing wrong. I just read a comment you replied to about preferring the sting of losing real money to learn lessons about trading, and I get that, believe me I do. But throwing your money away to a losing strategy isn't going to help you become a better trader, it's just going to leave you broke with a false confidence that you know a lot more than you think you do. :/ Just some words of caution from a guy who has been there, and who is very happy he didn't buy into Tim Sykes when he was a newbie trying to learn how to trade.. Good luck and Godspeed

Fletcher Wiggin says:

Hollister! Thanks for the videos I like hearing these materials put in different words.

Reno Rivsan says:

dude I beg you get the heck out of that chat room… go to investors underground better… or Warrior trading is cheaper (long bias)…

Bugo Vanilla says:

Watched the whole thing 😁 glad to see you are making progress keep it up lol it looks like you are already doing better than me. I had to stop trading after my first 2 months because of school and work but now im back to trading and studying full time. Is it ok if i follow you on

Vytautas Mikelaitis says:

Stephen Johnson you just upgraded the way to promote info products as affiliate:) The story telling, the idea! Really great work! As well good luck trading!

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