Trading with Timothy Sykes Month 6 Week 3

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Ivica Letic says:

to learn patterns , try finvids dotcom.

XXXIII says:

Tim is a scam btw

XXXIII says:

I'm done, I believe you have to chance to succeed with the way you are going

Kris Danielson says:

Can you tell me when you make a trade so I can short? Aha jk

Neilas Urbonavicius says:

Good stuff mate

Lloyd B says:

Hey man just checking in… nearly a month in your paid Sykes room, how has it effected or enhanced your trading do you think?
Also why are you not noting "lessons" on the right of your Excel page, don't get slack man ))))

On an Options note… I just closed out a $1000 winner on NFLX not caring about the direction, I really wish you'd wake up to the better way of trading 😉

Rock on big fella and happy Week4 NOV

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